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Multi-balls of yarn
I am trying my first ever two at once socks and have a little case that separates the two balls of yarn. I now that I have used it for a while I am beginning to really dislike the case because it has solid holes in the lid where the yarn passes through. If for some reason I want to change the case I either have to cut the yarn or unravel the entire ball of yarn.

When in Target yesterday I noticed in the dollar section up front a small bag designed to hold six bottles in separate pockets. My intent is to put each ball of yarn in its own pocket and have pockets left over for tools. pattern ect.

I think the multi-pocket bag will also come in handy when I start some color work.

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I thought I'd add in my own tips; don't think I saw them listed.

I have two tote bags and two snap top lid boxes; tote bags I keep my yarn (not in use) in and boxes I keep projects, working yarn, and needles/crochet hooks in. I also bought a knitting book w/cd that has some plastic zipper bags that can be useful. (Can be meaning I haven't used them yet.)

Patters: I have trouble reading them with just the "boxes"; can't use a ruler because I have a 2 year old and I'd lose my spot. Don't want to mark on it and can't afford plastic sleeves/dry erase markers? I copy the pattern in a spiral notebook and then when I number the rows: odd numbers on the right, even on the left. That way when I stop I can see what row I'm on based on if I'm knitting (odd) or purling (even). Now if the first row is purling you can just reverse the idea: purl (odd) knit (even). Helpful to me at least.
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Multiple balls of yarn...
Hi, everyone!

Cacuun mentioned using a container for knitting with two balls of yarn. Some time ago I came up with this idea and it's been very helpful -

I take a gallon zip loc bag and using a zig-zag stitch I stitch down the middle of the bag. This gives me two pockets for yarn and I can either clip the corners and pull the yarn out through the bottom or, if I'm using one without the little zipper thingy for closing it, I can pull the yarn out the top corners and just squeeze the top shut along the tracks in the middle.

This was so helpful to me. All I had to do was just flip the whole bag over and if I flipped it the wrong way, just another couple of flicks of the wrist and I was good to go!

Hope this helps!

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Good idea. I use the ziplocks too. Before starting I punch a hole with a paper hole puncher just under the ziplock zipper to thread my yarn through. If I need to stick the project in the bag, only about 1" of yarn is exposed.
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Ok so how do I tell the difference between a knit or purl on the row under the one I just knit?
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As you're facing the next row, a purl stitch will have a pearl appearance. It looks like a turtle neck
A knit stitch will have a v-shape, like a v-neck.
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Your signature line....

Late at night, when the family's all asleep,
you will find me counting stitches
instead of counting sheep!

Did you make this saying up or find it somewhere? I love it & would love to add it to a scarf I'm knitting. Do you mind?
Thanks & (((HUGS))) Verna
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I haven't read all the pages so maybe this has been mentioned but I will re-list it

If I have an intricate pattern and I'm working in a dark color. I do a test piece with bigger needles and light colored wool. I then mark each row with different colored pieces of wool. So I just take that piece of wool out of the test piece to remind me where I am in the patter....

Hope this helps....
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Here's another one that's probably been mentioned before, but it just came up in my latest project, so I thought I'd share in case someone else may have forgotten this one.
If you're working on a pattern where you have to count rows and might lose track, remember that the tail of your work is at the front when you're starting an odd-numbered row, and at the back when you're starting an even-numbered row. Sometimes that little clue is all you need to figure out where you are in a pattern.
Country Naturals
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another use for blocking board
I use my plastic blocking board to hold the pieces of knitting that I am sewing together in place. I line up the two pieces and hold them in place with pins. This helps keep the pieces lined up across from each other so that you don't end up with one piece being shorter than another. It is a great help in setting in sleeves.
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