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I had no problems (in New York City) with plastic knitting needles but the metal detector flagged my little embroidery scissors. I did the innocent Granny act and somehow convinced the officers that you can't knit without cutting the yarn, right? It worked. I left the scissors at home the next day, though. It was great to have my knitting with me during the hours of waiting, but we were told to put away books, knitting, computers, etc., during the examination phase.
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Out here in laid back Oregon we're allowed to take knitting in. Of course you can't knit 'in the box' but then, you can't have pen or paper, either. What's up with not being able to take notes? Don't they KNOW some folks memories are hazy?

I've been called up three times in the past two years, but never had to go in. You call the night before, and they let you know whether to drop everything in your life to sit on a jury.

My Dad, this was thirty years ago, told the judge he couldn't be on the jury because he couldn't read, which was a lie, he couldn't read well. He actually had hemmorhoids, but didn't want to say that in a room with women in it. The judge looked at him, and said, "That's OK, neither can the lawyers." My poor Dad had to sit through a twelve day trial.

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Knitting the Flap
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Here in Baltimore County, we also call in the evening before to see if our number is in the range of those who are to report. They have a one day/one trial system: you're there, you're selected for a jury for its' duration (or not) OR you all just hang out in the assembly room, because something/someone in the possible cases have determine you are not "needed" (due to a settlement or postponement). That being said, after reporting, we have satisfied our duty and will be eligible again in 3 years.
When I called, I listened to what was not allowed (firearms, knives, scissors, etc.) and I can't remember if I took knitting the last time. But this time, I pared everything down in the ziplock: 2 Harmony 16" circulars, yarn, instructions. And left the first sock, the darning needle, and scissors at home.
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I can see it now, you are innocently knitting and a crook lunges at you and swipes your needle, turns around and sticks the guard and runs up and gets the judge. Can't you see how this could happen?
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If TSA will let you take knitting needles on a plane, why wouldn't they be able to go in a courtroom? That doesn't make any sense (I'm not saying I don't believe it's true, I'm sure it probably is in many places). The only time I've been called for jury duty since I became a knitter was in Los Angeles County and basically you call each day for a week to see if your number is up. Mine never came up so I didn't get to find out what is and isn't allowed.

I took a trip (flying) to Utah this weekend to see my Dad and several people approached me while I was knitting at the gate. They all couldn't believe that I got my needles past security and wanted to know how I did it. They all looked peeved when I told them they were allowed. I promised not to poke anyone. AND I pointed out that my knitting needles (KP options) are pretty tame compared to an 8" screwdriver (also allowed). Now THAT could do some damage.
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Jan in CA
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We get called two ways ..either/or not both -

1. Call in - you call after 5 and they either send you to the court the next day or you call again. After 5 days you are released.

2. You are just told to go to court at a certain time. If go the day w/o being put on a jury your duty is done and you are released.

The last few times I've just had call in and both times released before I was sent to court.

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Casting On
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I had jury duty just last month. I was also called 3 years ago. At that time I was on the Grand Jury and got to go everyday for a month. We were allowed at that time to knit. However, this time I packed everything quite neatly into a ziploc bag and was told I could pick it up at the end of the day. They did say I could crochet though, which did me no good since I was knitting mittens at the time. I felt really stupid when I looked at the subpoena and saw that they specifically said no knitting needles allowed. But I survived!
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Knitting the Flap
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If I'm ever chosen to be on an actual jury, I wouldn't expect to be able to knit, or have it with me. But my experience is being in the assembly room, waiting to be called to go to a courtroom. We have to leave the knitting behind with the clerk (along with cellphones). So my knitting would never reach the same area as the accused/defendant.
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Working the Gusset
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No knitting needles in our courthouse either. But there is free wireless, so I took the laptop and read KH :-)

Aw, gee - c'mon and see:
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I did read a mystery years ago in which the character was killed by someone stabbing a fine metal knitting needle into her ear to her brain as she slept, and another one more recently where the needle was stabbed into the person's spine at the base of the neck, so it has been thought of, if not actually done.
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