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Need help from Cat owners!
My kitty, Sir. Demos, is roughly 10 weeks old. He has been with us for about a month now. Anyway, he is smelly. I mean, he almost always smells bad. I love him to death but especially right after he gets out of the litter box he smells like poo. I don't know why this is and my DBF said we have to get rid of him if I can't do something about it because he doesn't want to smell cat poopy all the time. PLEASE help, I love my little guy and don't want to give him back to the home we got him from. He was so scrawny and malnourished when we got him I can't imagine what would happen now since he hasn't had to compete with other animals or run from cat eating dogs for a month. I don't think he could survive!
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My older cat Elena was like this when I got her. Go to Petsmart or similar store and see if they have the product called Smelly Cat. (it works miracles) Yes there is such a product. If not see if they have a similar product. Cats are like humans in that they have tummy problems and can be quite gassy and need thier enyzmes to get in check. There are various products to get cats to smell less. Drs Fosters and Smith has good products. I have used this and this

because not only was she really poopy smelling, her pee smelled really acidy
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I couldn't help but think of Phoebe's song on Friends, "Smelly cat, smelly cat. . ."

I would think maybe you might need to find a different food. I would also buy some cat wipes and just wiped him up really well when he is smelly.
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Does he scoot on the carpet? Might be this situation,
I know the anal sac secretion can smell really, really bad.
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Originally Posted by rachael72knitter View Post
I couldn't help but think of Phoebe's song on Friends, "Smelly cat, smelly cat. . ."

My boyfriend would sing it to my cat every time she went to the bathroom when she was a kitten. Boy was she a SMELLY cat!!! now she is a sweet smelling cat but every once in a while its back with a vengeance!!! and I get those products and it makes her all better. WOW I can't believe she is 7 years old now. She is no longer my itty bitty baby.
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We found our "Bubbies" and "Minkie" when they were only a few days old. Our Vet told us we'd have rub their tummies to stimulate them to urinate, bathe them and bottle feed them. At 10 weeks, you should be able to actually give him a bath in the sink with warm water. He won't like it but is still small enough to control. Be sure to keep him wrapped up in a blanket or a large sock until he's fairly dry. Just a suggestion.
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I think, for the most part, kittens usually are stinky...At least all the kittens I have encountered. They're still so little they don't seem to bathe themselves properly. Of course they never before really needed to, mama kitty would always do it for them. In the meantime, I'd do as others have suggested: give kitty a bath and or go to your local pet store and check into the pet de-stinking don't know if they have them for cats, I assume they probably do, but I've seen these wipes for dogs...Apparently they're like baby wipes and you just rub it on your dog to get the smell out. I've also seen sprays designed to do the same thing.
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If it's a gas problem, it might clear up once she's an adult. Kitten food has high levels of protein and other nutrients in it that can cause VERY bad smelling gas. Same with puppy food, my chihuahua would sometimes peel the paint with his gas.

Is the litter box the covered kind? I've noticed that sometimes my cats smell kinda funky after they use the litter box because they've inadvertently rubbed against some part of the cover on the inside while they were in there. You could try giving her a bath.

If worst comes to worst, ask your vet for advice.
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Originally Posted by stitchwitch View Post
Does he scoot on the carpet? Might be this situation,
I know the anal sac secretion can smell really, really bad.
Oh man, you are not kidding. My 12 year old male secretes that stuff, and omg... BARF! We call it skunking.

"Watch out, Boots is skunking!" "OH CRAP! He SKUNKED me!" haha.

It reeks like super extra concentrated cat pee.

He only gets "skunky" when we play with him excessively tho. So we know when we play, we keep him off the furniture and off of us for a while.
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Male cats can get stinky. I've never had the problem with females. However, as was mentioned kittens often don't wash themselves properly at first.

Make sure when you scoop the poop that it's not runny..he could be stepping in it. Consider changing food brands. The litter itself might be part of the problem. I will only use Scoop Away or Fresh Step. The store brand was cheaper, but ick it didn't cover the smell at all. And if all else fails go to the vet to make sure he's okay.

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