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Anybody watch Heroes?
I love the show Heroes. I can't wait for Monday Oct 13 show when we meet the Petrelli brothers' and Sylar's father. I still can't believe Sylar are Peter and Nathan's brother!!!

And last Monday's episode with future Sylar all suburban Gabriel with a kid (who was the mom anyways?)

what did Peter do to make everyone hate him in the future?

can anyone guess what is Angela's (peter's Mom) power may be?

I'm sure Nathan has more powers if both Sylar and Peter has more powers.

Yea so happy they brought back Adam.

anyone have any thoughts?
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Sunshine's Mom
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I watch Heroes too!

That Angela sure has A LOT of secrets, doesn't she? I think she told (bad) Peter a few weeks ago that he got his "dreaming the future" ability from her, that she had that same power. Of all the powers to have that doesn't seem like the most fun? And wouldn't you dream that you dreamed the future and changed it so you would know what you needed to do from the get-go? Trippy.

I too was wondering who the mother was of Gabriel's son. I thought it might have been Claire, but when she showed up and had no remorse for the baby being killed, it couldn't have been her. But, there also are no coincidences in the Heroes world so, why was it the same, exact house in Costa Verde if the Bennet family wasn't somehow involved with that child. And his name was Noah? Come on. (By the way, if Claire is the mother and she can't feel pain anymore, how easy must that child birth have been? She wouldn't even have felt contractions!)

I loved Adam in feudal Japan. I hope he keeps his sense of humor.

And it appears that Papa Petrelli is back and scares the bejebers out of Angela.

I love Heroes. I'll discuss it with you anytime.
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Oh duh!! Dreaming the future!! I totally forgot about that!! thanks. Do you think Angela has more than one power? She seems to be able to manipulate people when she touches them. I wonder if that is a power or just super duper talking skills. LOL.

I first thought Claire was the mother of Gabriel's kid. (totally same thought when through my head "what an easy labor) but then I realized, wouldn't he be her uncle because Nathan is her father. I don't think the show will go that route.

Do you think Adam will be willing to work with Hiro or will he still be wanting to kill him? I so loved his sense of humor.

Do you want Ando to get a power or to stay regular?

I love that someone scares Angela. Though in the commericial they said he was the leader of the villans. That confused me because so far Angela looked to be pretty villiany herself.

So far LOVING season 3

Oh totally forgot. what do you think about what is happen with Mohinder? I can't believe he went totally the Fly!! I hope he can get fixed.
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Oh, I've been watching Heroes from the get-go. This season is kind of weird, though. There's a lot of stuff going on! One of these days, I'm going to have to buy the seasons on DVD...just to catch the little things.
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Another Heroes fan here too! This season has been pretty exciting do far, I hope it stays that way.
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I also like the Heroes fan magazine. Has good stuff.
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also a heroes fan, here. We've watched since the beginning, but I (for one) still find it hard to follow. I keep telling the hubs that I'm going to have to wait for it to go into syndication, and then watch it Monday-Friday, to get any kind of continuity. I just can't keep all those characters and all that activity in my head from one week to the next. (side affect of bipolar/depression)

I'll watch it now, but it will make more sense later.

PS: Any Grey's Anatomy fans lurking? (there used to be a thread here about that, updated weekly, of course!)
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Working the Gusset
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LOL someone needs to come up with a cheat sheet so everyone can keep up. Because it is so hard. I know I tend to watch the reruns on the other networks just so I can keep up.
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There's a coupla Wikis, more information than you probably need to know - and another at

I think Season 2 is out on DVD, too.
sue- knitting heretic

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WOW tonights episode was so good. So the company is actually good and it's linderman's company that's bad. Interesting. I like who they chose to be Mr.Petrelli. I wonder what his power is.

The puppetman definetely looks interesting.

I think this episode is why Claire turns to Pinkman (? was that the name of the other company) or Mr. Petrelli's company because she thinks her father's company is evil.

What are everyone else's thoughts?
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