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Anyone Use a C-Pap machine?
I went through the sleep study and they said that I was waking 7 0r 8 times an hour, which isn't too bad, but that I was being allowed to go into the deep sleep that I need to feel rested. They want me to come back and be hooked up again and use a C-Pap to see if this will help. My brother thought it was a racket they had going. He was using one, though. He said they show you the expensive one and then the cheap one is the $1,500 one. My insurance will pay 80% and I have paid all of my deductible. I want it if it will help, but I dread going through all of that again. My brother passed away in August or I could talk to him about it, again.
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I don't use one but most of my older family members do and they have found great relief. My dad thought it was a racket too, until he got his. Worth every penny if you ask him.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.

I have two good friends who use c-paps and they swear by them. I can always tell when my friend Jana fell asleep before putting hers on, because she is exhausted and cranky the next day.
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My dh has severe sleep apnea. When he had his sleep study they said he stops breathing 40 times an hour. I was glad that when found out the cause because lack of good sleep was really affecting his daily life. Unfortantly, he doesnt use his CPAP a lot. He says that because the pressure is so high it makes it really hard for him to breath out and it makes his stomach hurt in the morning because its full of air. Hopefully you will have good luck with yours. Most people that have theirs set on a lower pressure tend to have really good luck.
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My husband uses one. It used to freak me out seeing him not breathing for long periods of time. It's a good device.

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My DH has one and uses it every night. What a world of difference. He actually feels rested and I'm not waking up several times an hour because he stopped breathing. I used to elbow him when he would stop breathing.

It did take some getting used to. The original mask that they gave him fit over this nose and mouth didn't work, it gave him a pressure sore on his nose. He went back and got one that just fits in his nose - similar to an oxygen tube that they would use in the hosptial, but a bit larger. He has had no problems since.

He is lucky because at the sleep center, they will work with you till it is right for you. He did the original sleep study and then had to go back for the CPAP machine adjustment. Our insurance didn't cover 100% either, but it was worth it.

There are a lot of health issues associated with sleep apena and it is worth getting it resolved. It may take some initial adjustment, but in the long run is worth it.

My DH has had a few times where he couldn't use his machine - usually on scout trips with our oldest and he knows it. My mid afternoon the next day he is so tired. We actually bought a black and decker portable generator so that on camping trips, he could still use his machine.

He uses his machine every night. The only time he can't use it is when he has a bad cold and is very congested. He is miserable anyways because of the cold, but he does miss being able to use the machine at those times.

For me, it just sounds like a white noise machine - fan like, but not loud.

Look into it for your own health... if after a week or so you don't think it is working, go back and have it checked. It needs to work for you and sometimes a few adjustments are needed. There are also different mask styles and they can be changed so you should be able to find one that is comfortable. The most expensive machine is not always the right one. If you travel a lot, you might want a smaller one and I think those are more expensive. I also know that where we get ours, they sometimes have refurbished ones for sale.

Good luck...
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Almost every male on my mom's side of the family uses one. They all say they can't believe the difference that it has made. Their quality of life has really improved.

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My grandma uses one. She is much better since using it. :D
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my mom uses one
she went in for a sleep study, thinking that it might show a minor heart problem
she stopped breathing 40 times during her study!!
she wears it at night
dad snores, but it may be a bit before he goes for a study
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Thanks for this thread, folks. My husband was diagnosed several years ago with sleep apnea, but due to a problem with the doctor and diagnostic facility, never was fitted for a device or received any treatment.
I've encouraged him to go to another doctor and facility for a re-evaluation, but with no success. I realize the condition can be life-threatening, and worry about him so much. He always has a reason for not going "right now", and sometimes I wonder if I'll lose him to complications of the disease and whatever it is that keeps him from getting help.
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