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Who colors their own hair?
Wise Ones,

I need your advice.

I am forty eleven years old and my lovely brown hair with golden highlights is courtesy of Rachel at the hair salon. However, the more I think about how much I pay Rachel at the hair salon to help me keep my "naturally" brown hair looking so natural, I wonder if I'm just tossing money into the wind to satisfy my own vanity.

So fess up ladies.

Do you color your own hair or does only your hairdresser know for sure?

Really what I want to know is am I wasting my money on the salon and can I turn to L'Oreal and do it myself at home. Is there that much of a difference between getting your hair colored at a salon and doing it at home?

I can think of all sorts of things I could spend my money on instead of going to the salon -- you know -- food, rent, bills and the like.

But I like the way I look with my hair colored and don't want to give up just yet.

What do you think, can I do it on my own and get good results?

Thanks in advance for all your input.

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My mother colors her own hair at home to cover her gray....she just does your basic brown, no highlights or anything fancy like that. It always looks fine to me. She has done it for so long that I don't think anyone she works with even knows she should be almost 100% gray.
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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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I have been coloring my hair with a hairdresser for way too may years. I started out coloring it on my own, until I went in to a friends shop and she told me the back of my head had different colored black/brown stripes! I have not colored on my own since. I would like to though, I just had my hair done finally by someone who I felt they knew what they were doing only to pay $100, I used to pay $125 back in Carlsbad, CA and the shop was 1 block from the ocean. Not sure what I going to do now, those stupid grays are out again...
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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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A friend of mine does mine with salon quality dye that we purchase at a salon supply store. She does a marvelous job and it only costs me $5 a time! I consider myself very lucky to have a friend that will do that for me!!!
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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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My Mum always does hers, and I occasionally get bored with boring brown and dye mine another colour. I make sure I put Vaseline on my ears and along my hair line. I read the instructions several times and make sure I have everything ready as timing is crucial! I usually take off all my clothes and wrap an old towel around my shoulders as wee drops drip everywhere and you can end up staining your clothes - also the woodwork, towels etc too. I always put on all the dye even if I have short hair at the time. I then comb it through thoroughly as I have very thick hair and it's too easy to miss bits. It sometimes helps to get another person to check the back at this stage. I then put a plastic bag over the whole lot as it helps cut down the mess. I set the alarm clock for the required time, then I read a book or magazine as wandering half naked around the house dripping dye everywhere is not a good idea and there's only so much interest to be had in reading the back of shampoo bottles for half an hour! It never looks the right colour when it's on as it gradually gets darker over time. You wont know the end result until your hair is rinsed and dry. So if you are fussy on the colour do a strand test first - I don't mind weird colours so long as the result is even.
The only real disaster I had was with peroxide, but it was nearly fixable - lesson learned - don't try and retouch the roots of your highlights yourself at home - it's impossible to get it in the same place!
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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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I used to use henna until my hair got too grey,then I went to a salon until I got fed up sitting around for 2 hours,now I use a non permanent colour every 6-8 weeks.It used to be called Loving Care now it's Natural Instinct.Takes me about 30mins from start to finish and my haircut person asks me if it is my natural colour....and I only use half a bottle so it costs me $3
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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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I hear you!

I used to play with color, but one day, I messed up royally. I was living in an apartment at the time and called my best friend, who lived two floors up, down to see me. I could see her trying not to laugh. She gave me the name of her hairdresser, and I made an emergency appointment. Of course, my son just HAD to get sick the next morning before my appt, so I had to stick a baseball cap on while we went to the doctor. I did make it to the salon, and the guy, who happened to own the place, had to call over his color specialist. I had about ten different colors in the back of my hair. It wound up costing me $200 and two days at the salon to get it fixed.

Ever since then, I've never colored it on my own. I did go, for awhile, to get highlights, but in the process of cutting my budget down, I cut this out.

I do not trust myself after my bad experience. So I figure oh well. One of my hairdressers once told me that there is a very small window when coloring your hair. You've got to hit it dead on or else you're sunk.

I stink at guessing games.

Here's my opinion.

If you can afford to do it, and it makes you feel better about yourself, then indulge. I'm sure you sacrifice other places. We all have some way we spoil ourselves. Consider this your's.

And try to remember that YOU are probably the only person who's paying that close attention to your hair. Those around you probably don't care one iota. We tend to worry way too much about stuff that doesn't, in the long run, matter.

Nathalie - AuburnChick's Adventures

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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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Everyone in my family colors their own hair. So many of the coloring products available are really good and they don't make your hair look like you did it yourself, at home. My mom uses a brown dye on her naturally brown hair, to cover the grey and it always looks great. I also color my own hair and have never had any problems at all. And, even though I've bleached out my hair like 500 million times (lol) my hair has no damage and isn't fried and frizzy. I always use a bleach on it first because when I dye my hair I go super blonde (like almost white and I'm naturally dark blonde), or, I'm doing a color like pink or red or blue or be sure to condition your hair a lot, and, use the conditioner the dye comes with for the first couple washes. If you're worried about missing a few spots, have a friend help you, or, use a mirror to see the back of your head. Also, to make sure you don't leave dye stains on your forehead, neck, and ears, use a thin layer of Vaseline to coat those areas and the dye easily wipes off.

Oh, and if you're trying to go with a lighter color, I recommend lightening your hair first!
--The member formerly known as Demonica

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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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I pay to get it done. I just get partial highlights and my hair is only about an inch past my chin. It doesn't cost that much. Besides, no matter how hard I tried, I could never get it to look as good when I did it myself.
However, I used to use L'oreal Feria and like it.

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zkimom (10-20-2008)
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I messed mine up once...I dyed it a black with a red tone to it...then tried to cover it up but the red tone wouldn't go away. I looked like a calico cat and had to go to my hairdresser and say HELP!

Since then I haven't dyed it been too afraid but I did dye my own about a month ago. Instead of buying a 2.00 box, I bought a more expensive box and it turned out, thankfully!

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