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Ok, so some of you know I'm from Florida but currently living in Utah. My husband and I moved here over the summer and what I've been dreading is here...snow.

Now, granted, it's only 37 degrees out right now, so the snow that is falling is not sticking. But it's expected to get colder tonight and there are predictions of 2-4 inches of snow by morning.

I'm just...flabbergasted. It's only October! Where I'm from in Florida the temps usually don't get this low until December, maybe not even until January (if at all!)

I mean, I've never had any experience living in snow. I've seen snow TWICE in my life and the first time I wouldn't even really count it. It was in June of '06 (I was 23), when I came to Utah for a visit and my husband (then boyfriend) and I went with his parents to their cabin in the mountains. It was a few miles below the snow level so they decided it would be fun to take the Florida girl up to touch some snow. There wasn't a lot of it, and it was very obviously melting.

The second time was when I came up to Utah for two weeks in January of '07. It was so gray and cold all the time (except at night, when the moonlight reflected so bright off the snow) that I felt like I wanted to throw myself off a cliff.

Also, I have NO idea how to drive in snow, so the thought scares me to pieces. Now, right now it's ok, my husband is used to driving in snow and can shuttle me around. But I know eventually I'm going to have to suck it up and learn. :(

The only (slightly) amusing thing about this whole snow issue is that my chihuahua's reaction is funnier than my own. He keeps alternating between glaring at us and looking totally pathetic. I keep telling him I'm on his side, that we'd go back to Florida if we could, but I don't think he quite believes me...
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It's late this year. I'm in eastern WY and I think it usually snows by the first of Oct, but I've only been here two years. Don't worry, it will melt soon, and there should be some warmer days before winter really settles in. The main thing to know about driving in snow is SLOW DOWN. Allow about 10-20 minutes extra to get anywhere and don't let the other drivers speeding by you freak you out - just watch out for them as you pass them up the road while they're in the ditch.

Hey, and maybe you can knit your chiwalidog a sweater; he might like you better after that.
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I won't lie, I am so crazy jealous right now. I'd happily trade you. I'm a cold weather/snow person...

We are having freakish warmth right now, it's a balmy 71, and we had a beautiful couple weeks of low 50's too... I was teased.

I can't imagine never really experiencing snow, this will be an uphill battle for you, but hopefully you will enjoy more than you think.

When you drive, keep it slow and steady. If you can even try driving in some empty, but snowy/slick parking lots, to help get the feel of the car, and how its affected by the snow.

Otherwise, dress warmly and enjoy all the warm woolies you can knit and use now being in a cold climate.

Good luck.
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Miss Moosey
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I'm sure that it's hard to adust to winter weather after living in lovely Florida. Be sure to buy a good pair of long underwear to keep yourself warm!

Just wait until the snow starts sticking and piling up because then you can begin to have fun with it. Think of all the fun things you missed out on by living in Florida: snowmen, sledding, snowball fights, snow forts! Snow can be fun! Not to mention it is very very very funny to watch dogs try to walk in snow (they sink into it and are often very baffled).

Also, think of the wonderful cold weather gear you can now knit yourself! Hats! Scarves! Mittens! What bliss!

Good luck and enjoy your snow!
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As a former MN for 45 in SoCal...I'm glad to have those snowy/icy days behind me. (Altho I wish we had actual 'weather' here.)

You might want to head to an open, EMPTY parking lot after a snowfall and drive around...where you can't hit anything...and get a feel for the slippery-ness. Learn how to steer out of a slide (while trying to stay calm!), gauge your stopping distance, etc. You'll also find that snow doesn't drive the same every time....some are wetter, drier, slushier, icier, etc. So you adjust accordingly. Even those of us with decades of snow/ice driving behind us still needed to acclimate to the changing conditions each fall.

Good luck,
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Have you considered AAA Winter Safety Drivers Education?

Try this if you have a few dimes to rub together
and if not just sit next to the fire and knit knit knit
use wool

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Hey Florida, uh, Utah Girl, I'm with you! No snow for me, I don't want it!

Having lived in Washington State, Pennsylvania, Germany, Albuquerque, NM (elev. 5,600 ft)and now Oregon, I can tell you that the advice about driving in a large parking lot the first couple of times is good advice. Learn to recognize black ice, also.

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Yeah what they all said...practice driving,go slow,allow extra time.The great thing about being a knitter is when you allow extra time and you arrive early you get all this knitting time.
I love the start of winter...and that lasts until after christmas when I'm sick of it but we usually don't get snow until December so I'm with you for snow in October...oh my god!!!
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Gee, so far I must be the only one here that actually 'misses' snow. After having grown up in So. Cal, living in Vegas for years and then quite a few years in Albuquerque, NM I loved their snowy days. Although, the driving can get crazy for those who are not used to it. So, follow the advice of the others above, practice in an empty lot, and please, watch the black ice, that can be treacherous. Enjoy and send some here to Dallas!!
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Winter driving is not fun, but just give yourself plenty of time and go at your own speed. Don't worry if you have a long line of traffic behind you and they're wanting to pass you, let 'em pass! You're the one that's going to be safe and sound at your destination while they're waiting for a tow truck to pull them out of the ditch they've slid in. Also, I don't know if you drive a car or an SUV, just remember that if you're in an SUV, you're not invincible and still need to drive slowly.
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