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My Hair is falling out!!! :(
Oh my GOD!! I have been noticing in the last few weeks or so that my hair is getting thinner than normal and there's a bit of it on my pillow and it never used to be there before. I don't want to go bald! I'm scared to death of losing my hair. What do I do?

I have thin naturally curly hair, I don't shampoo - I condition instead - every 3rd day or so and what comes out in my hands is terrifying in so many ways. My mom suggested the Nioxin products and I'm trying those - Yikes they're expensive.

Could my hair products be causing my pores to be clogged? Is that even possible? Am I stressed?? Of course I am, but I exercise (jogging) at least 4 times a week. Minimum of 2 miles per day.

I haven't been to the doctor yet as I'm quite embarrassed about this and I don't know where to turn. I'm only 32 yrs old, I can't lose my curls, I just can't.

Some days are curlier than others.
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Sorry about your predicament. I would start with your primary care physician. There are a number of medical reasons for hair loss in women or anyone for that matter. Thyroid disease for starters. If your diet is low in fat your body may not have enough to make estrogen which will make your hair fall out. Stress will also increase hair loss.
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bailsmom (10-29-2008)
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I would go see your doctor. I had the same thing happen after my son was born and I was really embarrased to tell anyone, but it got to the point all I could wear is a hat or everyone would know. It turned out I had Thyroid disease. I still have a problem with my hair thinning a little, but nothing like my bald patches.
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bailsmom (10-29-2008)
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I knew a girl who had Alapecia (I am sure that is not spelt right)
It was something where she just started losing her hair in odd patches. From what I remember her telling me, it was something that wasn't caused by anything, could start and stop for no reason, and could be light, or could be all your hair (like eyelashes and such.)

Hers grew back in a few months.

Not saying that is what you have, but might be something to look into...
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Definitely go see your doc. This is nothing to be embarrassed about and like the others on here have said, it could be a medical issue that you need to have diagnosed and treated. Don't put it off! This could be something simple and you will have worried for nothing.

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I finally gave in and started shaving my head.
Mine was thick curly hair and the ones that first left were the thick ones that cause the curls.

My mother and grandmother had thin curly hair when I knew them, both were on the thinning side. Perhaps it's par for the course. How's the person you inherited your curls from?
(I inherited my baldness.)

Are you eating? A friend who was a vegetarian for animal issues (rather than health issues) wasn't eating right and she cause all kinds of malnutrition problems like loose teeth and falling hair.

Definitely see a doctor. They probably have a cure for what ails you. They figured out my friend (by telling her to start eating meat).
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There are a lot of things that can cause hair loss including stress. You need to go see your doctor.

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A doctor is just who you need to see when you are embarrased to go anywhere else. I'm betting it's a thyroid problem,and though they aren't usually 'cured' they sure can be fixed up well.

I don't think you'll have to join with Mike in shaving your head.

Good luck!

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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
Are you eating? A friend who ... wasn't eating right and she cause all kinds of malnutrition problems like loose teeth and falling hair.
Yes, I was just about to say, when I was a nutritionist, I used to see various nutritional deficiencies causing these types of issues. Have your thyroid checked. Be certain you are eating WHOLE foods (not refined, processed, "junk") and take a high-powered BIOTIN supplement from a health food store - along with a broad-spectrum multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, just to cover all your basics. Mineral deficiency is far more common that people realize, and it can screw up a LOT of things in your body. But minerals must come from plants (not vitamin pills) to be absorbed. So eat those leafy greens!!!

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Yes, see your doctor. I, too, lose a lot of hair. My doctor ran all kinds of tests to try to figure out why. I had thyroid disease. However, even after being on thyroid medication, I was still losing a lot of hair. My doctor finally decided I was just a natural shedder.
Yep, like a dog. At certain times of the year-spring and fall or if I'm under a lot of stress, my hair comes out more. I still have lots of hair even though its now turning gray
When my hair was really long, I had to remove my carpet because I kept burning up vacuum cleaners--my hair would twist around the beater bar and burn the motor up. It was easier just to sweep it up.
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