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HELP!! Expert Cat Owners, please help!
I am not a happy camper~we've just discovered MICE in our house!!


I am freaking out. I hate mice!! Okay, they *are* kinda cute in a way, but still.. *NOT* in my house!

My DH is convinced that cats are the best non-toxic way to rid the house of the little beasties. I am not sure, having never actually had cats running around.

What do you expert cat owners think?? I would love Kitty forever if he/she would keep the little fur-balls out. Are they really that good at it?

Thanks for any help! I welcome any other (non-poisonous, non-gross, lol) suggestions as well!
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Well, first of all - mice are not that bad Rats are worse and termites are even worse than that. Besides, as a person who had cats for the last 15 years or so (and no, you don't own a cat, the cat owns you), i'm not sure that mice should be the reason to bring a lovely, hairy and very opinionated companion into your life. Please don't be offended or anything, i'm just expressing my own humble opinion. As far as i know and from my personal experience, cats LOVE to play with their food and they also love to show off their excellent work. So if your cat will catch the mouse, he/she will play with it till it's dead and then bring it over to you to get their pet on the head. Sometimes they will even bring the mouse to you when it's still alive, then it really gets hilarious. So i'm not sure that a cat is the best way to go. That was my personal experience with cats and mice/birds etc.
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Jaxhil (12-20-2008)
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Oh. My.

LOL!!! No, I agree, that's not the reason to get a cat..we already have a bunch of pets, including 2 cockatiels, two toads, a lizard, fish galore and a dog. I am not a cat person, but DH *is*. Mainly, I am hesitant because of the birds~I am not sure how that would work, and if the birds would be safe. I could make them cage covers for night, and I'm just not sure if that would be enough.

I don't want you all to think I would not love the cat, I am sure he/she would be well loved by all!

btw, I agree about the RATS. double !!
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UGHHH.. I hate mice!!! I have never had them in my house that I know of, but my cat goes outside and finds them. She always brings them to me. I guess it's a sign of "affection" when a cat brings you their kill. It's affection that I dont want though Your cat will probably play with it until it's dead, then possibly bring it to you Be sure not to put any poison out, the cat or other animals you might have will eat it and die. Goodluck!!
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Jaxhil (12-20-2008)
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I have 2 cats AND mice. The mice are smart enough to stay in the basement (at least until I got rid of them the toxic way). The one a year that is stupid enough to come upstairs has been dispatched by one of the cats.

Unfortunately, one of them was 'played with' before it's final demise and the kitchen floor looked like there was a large massacre--blood everywhere. You KNOW a cat didn't clean that up.

So, no, mice is not the main reason to get a cat. Wanting a cat is the reason to get a cat.
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Jaxhil (12-20-2008)
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I agree with all of the above.
I have 2 cats, and when we had LOUD crickets in the basement we thought the cats would take care of them. Nope. Neither one was interested in hunting down the little critters. Mulder didn't care, and Itchy is scared of the basement.
Cats are a lot of work and time commitment, just like any pet. You want to get a cat because you love cats, not just to dispatch of yucky critters. And the cat you end up with might not even be interested in the little things anyway.
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Jaxhil (12-20-2008)
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I've had 3 cats for years now and I had a mouse for about a week last winter. Scared the daylights out of me when I was cooking dinner (just shocked me seeing something tiny moving to my right when I could see all the cats in plain view)

I thought he was kinda cute named him Melvin and figured he'd take a hike when he saw the cats.

The next day my girl cat was perched in front of the stove hunting him, and that went on for a couple days. Melvin figured out this wasn't the place for him and he took off. Haven't seen him since. I am glad she never got a hold of him as I wasn't looking forward to finding a mouse in the bed.

I do live in a small one bedroom apartment tho, so that probably helps.
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Jaxhil (12-20-2008)
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Thanks everyone!

And Ingrid, ugh!!!!

I do realize having a cat entails loving them, feeding and caring just like I love my birds I would not have one just as hired Mouse Killer, lol. I just was wondering if DH was right, and it sounds like he is...although I'm not thrilled at the prospect of having a tiny mutilated corpse as a "present" (a-hem!), I would take it in the spirit it was offered..with a very long stick

I remember we had a long-haired Himylayan Siamese ( I think thats what he was) when I was very little, but as my DDad was in the Air Force, we had to give him to my Uncle Everrett when we moved overseas. I seem to recall Fluffy (we were very creative, hehe) lived till he was 20 yrs old! So I know its a commitment
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Yep they are...we live out in the woods so we have field mouse like you said they are cute outside, but not indoors...the mice like to some how end up in our furnace maze down stairs and then they pop out upstairs through the vents...

I've always thought/heard that girl cats were the better hunters...and out of our 2 Bella is the one that catches them...Gideon will only if he feel likes it or is trying to be catty towards Bella...

This winter Bella has caught 2 coming up through the vents and placed them both under the Christmas tree in my daughter's room...lovely...

When we first moved here we had tons of mice but last couple of years or so we have only had the cats catch a couple...and usually that's when it starts to get cold...

when we first moved in here all the vents had rat poision in them...I thought how odd why would they do that...then we discovered a mouse in the bottom cabinet living very cozy...

I agree it's not the reason to get a cat though...I'm a cat person and would have a couple more if dh would let me...

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Jaxhil (12-21-2008)
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Some cats are great mousers, others not so much. Mice will enter your house for two reasons, food and shelter. So, first off, make sure you have nothing they can get into to eat. Everything needs to be enclosed in cupboards, and better yet, in plastic containers in the cupboards. The one time we had mice, we discovered an old bag of grass seed in the basement that got pushed under a workbench. We had no idea it was there, but the mice found it!

Once you are sure that there is no available food source for the mice, you need to try to figure out how they got in. Seal up as best you can (and remember, mice are chewers). Finally, you have to get rid of the mice in your home. I am a live trap and release kind of girl, but depending on where you are that might not be feasible. Do not use poison, because first of all, if a mouse dies from the toxin, you may not be able to get to it. And that will REEK! Also, if a poisoned mouse gets out and dies outside, that will pose a serious risk to any animal that ingests the remains. Ugh. I also don't like glue traps. The kill the animal slowly, and I think they are terribly inhumane. The least inhumane trap would have to be a snap-trap, but they are not foolproof. If it doesn't get the mouse just right, it won't kill it. But when they do, the mouse will be killed instantly.

If you really want to be rid of the mice, I could loan you my Jack Russell Terrier. But he'd probably destroy your house in the process. He won't stop where prey is concerned.
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