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I think it is 6 of one opinion and a half dozen of the other. I have done quite a bit of felting. I usually use a few drops of dishwashing detergent and 1/4 to 1/2 t of olive oil. I have an old pair of jeans that I use just for felting agitation. I don't use rinse or spin when felting. When I'm pleased with my results, I do a cold water rinse by hand, roll out excess water with a towel, and let it dry. The olive oil makes the yarn fibers slip and slid against each other and gives a nice result.
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I didn't realize it could be so complicated. I've only made 2 pair of slippers and I threw them in the wash with some jeans that needed washing and used my regular detergent. I then threw them in the dryer until they were about the right size. I put them on my feet and shaped then let them finish air drying. I guess before I get into felting purses etc. I better do some more research. Thanks for the info.
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I read the title of this thread as a verb phrase instead of a noun pharse... I thought you were asking a question about how to felt soap... It's been a long day...

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When I felt wool batts to make felted fabric I use a bar of old-fashioned yellow Sunlight soap, put the bar in a plastic mesh onion bag, spray water on the wool and pat then rub til the soap is through the wool, the just rub, roll, rub etc til felted how I want it. I dont know anything about felting in a washing machine though.
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Wow ... complicated
Thanks to all who replied! I will be trying the dishwashing soap idea or maybe the ivory soap idea.

I had no idea it could get so complicated Basically, I need to hand felt before sewing together -- the hand felting instructions say not to use laundry detergent but use laundry soap. This is for a toy project.

I had to laugh when I read that little detail in the instructions because I figured it would be a real challenge finding the stuff. I know there is a manufacturer out there who still makes the stuff. The last time I saw laundry soap was on my great grandmother's laundry shelf in the Oklahoma panhandle decades ago. Of course the kid at Walmart gave me a funny look when I asked where the laundry soap could be found while standing in the laundry detergent aisle. I could just hear his thoughts, "Sheesh, lady! What a stupid question!"
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I've been making and selling handmade soap for 7 years, so would like to attempt to answer your question about the difference between detergent and soap.
Soap is basically made with water, lye and oils. If properly made, there is no lye left in the finished soap.
Detergent is made using petrochemical oils or synthetic compounds...not much natural in there and can dry out your skin.

Handmade soap also retains its natural glycerin, which is a natural byproduct of the soapmaking process. Large commercial companies have the machinery with which to remove the glycerin, which they sell to lotion companies, paint companies etc.....for greater profit than they could sell soap for. Their soaps, therefore, are stripped of its natural glycerin and can leave your skin feeling dry, hence the need to buy their expensive lotions (for which they get more profit).
If you buy handmade 'soap' (not detergent) your skin will be smooth and soft, not dry.

well, that's my spiel, which I use to sell my lovely bars of handmade soap.

Liquid soap is slightly different and I don't make it, cz I don't like the idea of having to buy, store and ship lots of plastic bottles.
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Now I have had to have a laugh! Laundry Soap (the bars of yellow Sunlight soap I referred to in my earlier post) is readily available here, not only in every supermarket but also dairies and corner stores! I remember having my hair washed with it and Mum grating it into the copper on wash day and I am only 57 yrs old. We used it in a wire shaker thing to wash the dishes with and I still use it for dishes as there is no after taste like a lot of perfumed dishwashing detergents. Golly, that does make me sound antiquated!
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