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why do I knit?
its fun
its a great creative medium (two of the four baby blankets that I have knit were of original design)
i love making things with my hands
it can be very stress relieving (college student here; also dealing with a recovery that is harder than the last one on what was the second of something and should have been without complications)
my mom knits; and I had always wanted to learn (she has been knitting for as long as I can remember)
on a related note, it is a way I can bond with my mom; sit down with her and talk about knitting or work on knitting together :D
my name on Ravelry is Eowyn1

otn- a beautiful turquoise blanket in moss stitch (for previously mentioned cousin's coming second child, due late july 2012)
FO- a few hats in the round(just taught myself to join without twisting)
to try next- an entrelac blanket with yarn someone gave my mom
something else fun- making a blanket in the round
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I knit for all the reasons others have posted. It's a bit like a meditation, complete focus on one thing or if it's an easy pattern, time to let the mind ramble a bit. I love making socks.

Also, I think it's good for older brains to face the challenge of learning something new. I just knit my first baby sweater. Made a couple big errors, tore it out and finally got it right. It was good exercise for my brain.
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I tend to be a worry wort. Combine this with an absolute inability to shut off my brain and you have a recipe for insomnia and anxiety which began to take its toll. My wife purchased a knitting book, had it for years and one day decided she wanted to start knitting. She really had a tough time understanding the directions for the patterns. Seeing her frustration and having a penchant for figuring stuff out, I started to help her with the directions, and to my surprise and hers, I took to it like a duck to water (I can also crochet). Been at it for about six years and I can't express how much it has helped my anxiety and insomnia. It's just been a great thing for the whole family. Both my young son and daughter have asked me to teach them, not Mom, Dad. Which I must say is pretty cool. It has really fed a creative drive in me and I have knitted just about everything possible. My wife can't believe how it has relaxed me, although she says she can tell when I have anxious times because the sweaters, socks, hats and mittens start to pile up like a department store. Oh well, at least we're all warm and my kids have a different hat for each day of the month!
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Knitting the Flap
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I knit to keep myself from eating at night (I've lost 10 pounds).
Knitting is my yoga!
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My husband asked me this exact question recently. After some thougt, I realized I like doing something that has a finished product. Being a SAHM, I can wash the same laundry, prepare dinner, etc. day in, day out. It's basically the same. When I knit, I end up with a cool pair of socks, sweater, or whatever that's new. I'm also a crafty person and enjoy the pleasure of seeing something nicely made. It also gives others pleasure if I gift the item. Plus, I can knit while my fam. watches a movie or TV show.
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I knit as a form of meditation and prayer....kind of like using rosary beads.....the patterns scare me right now but i have only been knitting for a year...i am a very slow learner!!!! i knit, not pearl, cotton dishcloths and i made a couple really is an art form and now when i watch tv or have to sit somewhere...i just sit and knit and i am sure it is good for my soul......knitkitten
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First of all I want to say good for you for not letting these health complications stop you from learning something new. Knitting is a good way to build confidence and a great way to relieve stress, except when you might be learning a new stitch or trying a challenging pattern, but the feeling of actually being able to "DO IT", (even if you need some guidance from another knitter) is wonderful. I taught DH who is blind to knit and he loves it. He still needs help with some things, but all in all he does well. We enjoy knitting together.
I knit because I must. I love knitting. It is my own little "escape hatch" from life. Keep those needles going.
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It's so great to read everyone's stories! Knitting is definitely much more then just making things.

My mom was actually a knitter / weaver type as her main profession. So I swore it off as a rebellion.

But I've found myself coming back to it, not with the same mentality, but just because it is so relaxing and, unlike bad card games online, it produces results you can keep around for a long time... or give to others for something, which is always better.
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I'm a really slow learner, too, knitkitten (took me a whole year to learn the purl stitch). I never knit dishcloths because I don't use them but I've made enough scarves to last a lifetime! So now I'm just using up all my beginner/practice yarn to make a stockinette stitch tote, partly as a dry run to make more bags, partly because I'm sick to death of that yarn! It's curling and making me a little crazy but otherwise, I'm enjoying the project.
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Knitting the Flap
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Because it's the one and only thing I can do that my sister can't do! (Not really) My sister is artistic, sculpts, paints, does stain glass, grows unbelievable orchids, cooks gourmet, name it, she can do it. BUT SHE CAN'T KNIT And I CAN!!! Heheheheheeeee
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