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Working the Gusset
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I don't pace myself. I like having more than one on the needles that way when I get bored I can do something else.

I don't worry about UFOs, they're terminal UFOs for a reason.

Making myself finish one before starting another would be too much pressure and that is the opposite of what my goal is.
I don't worry about UFOs or the extra yarn stash. They'll eventually get frogged, finished and/or used.
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Mod Squad
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The only time I pace myself is to make sure that I don't trip when I run to my yarn when I have an idea.
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I do pace myself... Usually i have 3-4 projects at a given time. Usually they are of different weight and needle size and of different type - a shawl, a sweater, pair of socks etc. I really like to start new projects, but i also like to finish and use them. So i wait to start a new project and when i get to it, it's a real pleasure Just like wearing something i finished
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Casting On
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I'm a fairly new knitter, but I don't do more than one project at a time. I've started and stopped enough of other hobbies to realize one thing about myself: if I start something new before I've finished what I'm working on, then the previous project won't get done. Period. I am too easily distracted (by pretty & soft yarn...), and would end up with a string of unfinished projects. Then I would feel guilty for not finishing them, and from there start looking for a new hobby that doesn't make me feel guilty.
So I have a simple rule: I don't start anything new until the old is finished, no matter how bad it is looking. After its done, if I want to frog it, that's another matter.
I also use my desire to buy the pretty new yarn to spur me on to finish.
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Turning the Heel
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I've been knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, beading, and every other kind of creative craft you can name for so many years, I can't keep track. Many years ago, when my husband and I were newly married, I had brought with me many unfinished projects. My intention was to finish them all before starting anything else new, since we had no space for STUFF and no money for supplies. A Christmas night fire in our apartment complex right after our first anniversary took care of all of that for me. We lost everything we had put into our storage area in the attic, which included all of my unfinished projects. That was my new beginning.

While I might have a few different kinds of projects in progress at the same time, maybe a knitting project by my recliner for evening relaxing, a sewing project down in the sewing room for daytime work, I don't usually have more than one of the same type of project at a time anymore. I find it too hard to go back to something after not working on it for some time.

I also discovered the wonderful feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a project and either using it myself or giving it away as a gift. I like that much better than the overwhelming feeling of having lots of unfinished projects hanging over my head.

Interesting topic. I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments.

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I usually like to finish one project before beginning another, because I fear never getting back to something which gets 'stuffed' and put away.
I can almost here it screaming: "Nooooo, don't 'put me away'!" LOL.

but today, I have two projects OTN: one is an afghan which I need a large lapspace or tablespace to work on; the other is a simple little lightweight scarf, which I keep by the door, and grab on the way out, to knit in the car. (say! I just got an idea: I can keep a third small project in the car....
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I can't say I never have more than 1 WIP at a time, but I don't like to have a lot going at once. I will usually have at least one mindless project and one I need to concentrate on. If my mindless project isn't portable, I'll have a portable project as well - but that's about it - usually. I, too, find it difficult to go back to projects after they've sat for a while. Making myself finish one project before letting myself start another one I'm excited about is sometimes my motivation for finishing.

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Turning the Heel
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Originally Posted by Ingrid View Post

The only time I pace myself is to make sure that I don't trip when I run to my yarn when I have an idea.
That is great. Please don't trip, and if you do, don't run with your needles. Ouch!!!
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Mod Squad
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As I am finishing up a project, I am preparing the least on paper. When I am blocking project A, I allow myself to swatch and cast on for project B. When project A pieces are dry and ready for seaming, I stop B and finish A.

At least, that is the 'plan'. I basically 'leapfrog' my projects.

I think you are very wise to have no more than 2 projects at a time. If you have too many going at once, you never seem to get anywhere for the longest. And, if you really concentrate your energies on project A, you really can knit faster and with fewer errors cuz you have your mantra rollin'! When we stop and start and stop and start, it's like starting from scratch a dozen times!
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the only UFO I have is my daughters blanket but that's like 6 projects in itself. I'm spinning all the yarn for it not to mention recycling about 7 sweaters for it. I'm still on the spinning the yarn part so.....we know how far that's going...

I do projects on a needed basis so I try not to have more then one at a time. I guess that's a way of pacing myself. At first I thought 'pacing' was how fast you knit lol. If that's the case, as fast as possible.
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