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An interesting discussion about hazards. My hubby is an industrial safety instructor and spends most of his working time teaching various classes around the US on safety and hazmat etc. Being aware of the risks helps and trying to find safer alternatives is better, but human nature being what it is we all perform unsafe actions throughout our day with little thought. You couldn't accomplish as much if you did things in the safest manner possible. I have injured myself many times over the years and learned not to throw the steak knives into the sink of soapy water to wash. Look where the branches on the fruit tree are before standing up. Look to see where I left my knitting before sitting down. Watch where I'm walking. Don't walk around my horses bare foot. That being said I do take my knitting with me when I know I'll have to wait for something like car repairs, but I don't have protectors for my dpns and conceivably I could fall on my cloth bag and stab myself with the needles, especially since I took 2 different socks I'm working on.
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I watch the USGS earthquake map fairly regularly and based on the frequency of earthquakes in Southern California I believe knitting should be banned south of San Francisco! What would happen if you were at home, sitting in you favorite chair and the BIG ONE hits? You could be stabbed by your knitting as dive for cover. But wait, if you have your knitting you could have something to do while awaiting rescue. I see that I am on the horns of a dilemma

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I live in southern California. Believe, 99% of the earthquakes are never felt so it's no big deal.

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i have enough problems keeping one foot in front of the other with knitting aswell i would damage myself i know i would
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I have been lurking on this site for a few months now. This may not be the best first post, but I think this is important enough to share. It sounds as if people are pretty hot under the collar over this issue of “walking and knitting” and I don’t want to stir things up any more than they already are but I really have to say this. I was very surprised to read the 2 threads about this. Some people have said they were insulted by what was said and I don’t want to insult anyone but I’m afraid I have to say that it’s kind of shocking to me that anyone would knit and walk at the same time. I am a kind of intermediate knitter who has a scar on her upper arm. . .from when my sister and I were out walking and she was knitting and looking where she was going, but my ankle just did one of those funny collapse on its side things, and I fell into her and her needle went into my arm. I didn’t fall that hard, but knitting needles have sharp ends and it went in about an inch. It was pretty horrible. When I went to the emergency room to have it removed the doctor said, “I can’t believe this, this is the second knitting needle I’ve pulled out from someone this week. Don‘t you people realize you‘re dealing with pointy objects?” It seems his other patient had walked to the phone to answer it and kept knitting and had tripped and the knitting needle had gone into the roof of her mouth, narrowly missing her brain. The good part of the story is that I didn’t give up on knitting and neither did my sister! From reading all the posts, I’d say about half of you are ready to make no knitting and walking a law and the others think not doing it is silly. Some people are talking about walking and knitting and some are just saying that weird accidents can happen at any time even if you’re just sitting there. All jokes aside about earth quakes, from my own experience I can tell you that I wouldn’t dream of walking and knitting and I think the comments about how you could injure other people should be taken very seriously.
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Ya know, you make a good point, but I've heard of knitters who sat on their needles and one got stuck you know where. So yeah, accidents will happen, even just sitting.
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Originally Posted by sandy57th View Post
I have been lurking on this site for a few months now. This may not be the best first post, . . .
Sandy I think this is a excellent first post.

I see this forum as a sharing of idea and knowledge. But in sharing we should honor different opinion and not instantly find fault or offense at what someone else said. My comments about SCal was to try and jokingly point out that we can not cover every possible action or result (no offense taken or even perceived). We must be careful and think, we can not eliminate every possible threat to our selves or others.

This weekend my wife and I are going to separate craft functions function and then meet up spend the night in a hotel as a mini-get away. Since I will be finished before my wife and before I can check into the hotel I was going to stop be one of the local book store. Books and magazine to get out, coffee to drink, pastries to sample and comfortable chair to sit an wait in. While waiting I may also knit (while seated). However, my question is, based on some of the comments made here is - should I be knitting even while sitting?

What if someone walking by trips and gets stabbed by my needles, what if one of the parent is letting their young child run wild in the store and the child runs into my needles, etc.? There a large number of thing that could happen that I have no control over, at what point should I stop knitting because something may happen even though I take every precaution possible?

There are extremes on both sides of any issue, where is the happy middle or is there a happy middle?

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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
"You'll poke your eye out, kid."
This made me have a "Christmas Story" moment.
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For what it's worth, about 2-3 months ago on my way to a friend's house where we meet once a week for knitting, I took a very bad fall on her front porch while carrying a tote bag with all my knitting supplies in it. I guess I just didn't raise my foot up high enough to clear the top step. Everything went into slow motion. I tried to control the fall, but had no control over it at all. My head smashed into her front door and I'm pretty sure I landed on top of my knitting bag. Ended up with black and blue skinned knees, but that's all, thank God. She heard a noise at the front door and thought that the wind had caught the door, but instead found me and some of my knitting stuff splayed across her porch. What really got to me was how I had absolutely no control over the fall at all. The slo-mo thing was pretty weird too.

Just thought I'd share.

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Many, many people choke to death each year while eating. Everyone stop eating!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, come on already. I think if a person is too uncoordinated to walk and knit (or chew gum) they know it. I've actually seen someone trip and fall and be injured by a ball point pen in his shirt pocket. Should everyone stop carrying ball point pens?

Many women suffer back injuries every year due to carrying a heavy purse, yet women still carry them.

There is no such thing as a zero risk world and never will be.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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