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Originally Posted by Lieuvena View Post
Car accidents happen. We still take safety precautions and wear seat belts and look for the best safety features in our cars. We don't say accidents will happen anyway so why bother.
I have an '84 Isuzu P'up that is so basic it should be painted white with the word "truck" on the side.
I had Jeep that the seatbelts rusted from the floor so I tied them to the seats.
My '67 VW Bus screamed "let's go flying through the windshield".
So I guess it's OK for me to walk while knitting?

Kids will fall off bikes. We make them wear helmets as a safety precaution.
That's rather new. I bet the majority on this forum didn't wear bike helmets and survived.
My worst concussion was caused by the helmet (in fact it was my only motorcycle hospitalization requiring a long stay).
I got rid of my street bike when it looked like we were going to get a helmet law because I've experienced the harm they can cause.
My uncle scraped his head down to brain so I also know the harm not having one can cause.

We don't need safety police telling us what to do. The laws of self-preservation dictate people will do what they deem safe for themselves.
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I have to agree with Mike about the history of hazard observance. I wonder if families were so large so that if you lost a few kids you still had plenty left. I grew up with a father who thought it was fun to tie sleds to the back of the car and pull us through the snow covered streets. We picked ourselves up out of more than one snowbank when he cornered to fast and flipped us off the sleds. There are too many incidents to remember of things that would get him jailed today, but weren't that unusual when I was growing up.
Mom used to leave us kids in the car while she did the shopping rather than try to keep track of 3-5 kids in the stores. There have been cases locally in the last decade of people being arrested for leaving their children in cars unattended.
Times change and we get more fear oriented I think partially because of the immediacy of news from around the world making us think that life is scarier now than ever.
Just my opinion for what it's worth.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."--Margaret Mead
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i tend to agree with you. Helmets for kids doing any kind of sport has mostly sprung up in the last 10 years. I sometimes think that may be more of a hindrance, masking being able to hear hazards. My mom left my brother and I in the car while shopping sometimes, though we were maybe 10 or so. Most times I'd rather sit in the car and read than wander through the grocery store with her.

The human race has survived for centuries through even more dangerous times than we have today, so while it can be tragic to lose someone you know, or who's close to you, stressing about the possiblity of what might go wrong can actually harm your health just as much.
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I have been reading this thread and not really felt the need to comment until I read this one. I tend to think stuff will happen to people, heck I have fallen down my stairs and got hurt even when holding the railing. As far as seatbelts, helmets for kids on bikes and adults on motorcyles, those are required by law (I know helmets are not required in all states) so those are a no brainer. All of my kids grew up with a seat belt, period. Now my older brother also road a motorcycle and a helmet, until the day when someone in a car pulled out in front of him and he went flying over the hood. He ended up in traction for days and a permanent pin in his leg along with a limp...but his head was okay because of a helmet. And he does not ride a motorcycle anymore...
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I could very easily have died this weekend. I wa picnicking with my boyfriend and a storm came up out of nowhere and blew over a tree big enought I couldn't have wrapped my arms around it. I landed about 4 feet from us. I wanted to sit in the spot where the tree landed but my boyfriend vetoed it because he said the grass was thicker where we ended up.

I also sometimes knit in the park where we picnicked, though I didn't knit that day. But I'm not going to stop knitting outdoors because I might not see a tree about to fall on me if I'm concentrating on a K3tog.

Life entails risks.
Nothing is worth doing that isn't worth doing badly.

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