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Simply enjoy yourself!
Your comfort is more important than how you're 'meant' to be doing anything! I'm a leftie and I write with my hand hooked round, it's comfortable for me so that's just how I do it. You're not being examined on how you hold the needles so relax, you're meant to be enjoying knitting!
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Casting On
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Thanks to everyone for making me feel like my style is just fine. I've always been nervous knitting in public, the prying eyes always kill me. Perhaps they're admiring my unique style
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Originally Posted by mandicita View Post
I taught myself to knit (English) in October of 2008. I get the job done, but have recently realized that I do it very differently than everyone else. I hold the left needle, but the right needle rests at the top of my leg, (sort of where your leg attaches to your body) and also hold the yarn differently (between my thumb and middle finger). I have recently tried to do it the 'correct' way, but I get frustrated very quickly. Also, I realize that I switch back to my old way as soon as I stop concentrating.
I have gotten pretty speedy at 'my' way, should I just leave well enough alone? It's really eating away at me!
That's exactly how I knit on straight needles!! (except for the yarn's woven in and out of my fingers when I knit, and like you hold it when I crochet) Recently, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried knitting with circular needles on a Pet Snuggly. Wow! what a difference!! I was always afraid to try them, but figured the doggies and kitties wouldn't care. By the way, I think everyone should get on that bandwagon. Makes you feel so good to know that some poor shelter animal will have some comfort from you and a group of animal lovers.
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If it works it can't be wrong.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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My problem is purling. I knit the continental/english way but have a hard time holding the yarn in front without my finger carrying the yarn gets plum worn out. Are there any other ways that people have to do this? A video would help as words sometimes don't mean much to me. Thanks
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There are purl videos on this site for continental knitting, also for combination, which you might try. A lot of continental knitters have switched to the Norwegian method of purling and there's a video for that as well.
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I have been knitting since I was 7 & I am really fast at it. I am 42 now. I drop my right knitting needle to put the wool around & then pick it up again for every stitch. Knit how it feels right for you. I have been knitting heaps of hats lately to send to South Africa & have just started knitting on circulars back & forward. I think this will work. I was knitting on a 60cm one but just got a 40cm one which seems easier. I will pick up my speed pretty quick I think. I can't get the hang of 4 dps needles though.

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When I used straights, I would also prop up one of the needles. Forget which one, prolly the left needle.

However, I will say this: since you've only been knitting since 2008....IF you really want to make the change to the 'correct' positioning...the sooner you do it, the better.

Also, if you ever get to knitting for hours on end...using circs is easier on your wrists because the weight of the knitting as it gets longer and longer rests in the middle of your lap, instead of hanging from your hands and wrists. The weight of the knitting (with circs) is also even distributed.

But, other than that...knit on, good sister! Whatever works!
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I used to knit like that- yarn holding and all!! I moved over to circs and things changed a bit but my tension is always better when I hold the yarn with my two fingers. I found that after awhile though I preferred continental style for knit ( even though my tension is horrible) because it seemed to take a little less time and energy (really how much energy does it really take to wrap yarn around a stick ), but I do go back to my trusty method for ribbing and purling. I must say though I am considering learning a new technique for speed as I can be a pretty slow knitter. Overall, though, I love this ways of knitting it is really quite accurate for my stitches. Knit on fellow funny knitter, I'm with ya!
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I always use circular needles, except for socks, which I prefer to use dpn's. My mother prefers two straight needles and she 'props' the right needle on her stomach while she knits. Not sure how to explain it, but it works for her.

There is an English lady at my LYS who uses very long straight needles and puts one of the needles (can't remember if it is left or right) under her armpit. And she can knit so fast!

I think it is fascinating to watch how other knitters knit. There are so many different ways to knit and it is all personal preference. Whatever works for you.
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