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Can't stay awake.
I like knitting, I do.
But, recently, everytime I knit...I can't seem to stay awake! I don't really understand it.
I've been knitting a scarf lately, and the pattern has 12 rows in it that you repeat.
And I'll go through the 12 rows once and be fine, but on my second time the last two to three rows, my eyes close and I seem to nod off, but just for like a few seconds. and I'm always holding my knitting. And then Im like o_o and I finish the rows.
But lately it always happens and I don't know why I can't seem to stay awake when I knit!
Does this happen to anyone else?

Also, it's not like I'm really old or anything and just like to sleep all the time.
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This same thing happens to me also, I try to get up and move around or watch a bit of TV or even get something cold to drink. Sometimes this helps and sometimes I have to just take a little break or if it is at night I go to bed. It happens more to me in the evening time.

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i used to have this same problem when i would knit just before going to sleep. any other time i would knit i would get tired. i started putting a 45 min-half hour buffer zone between knitting time and sleepy time. i mostly solved the problem but boring stuff still makes me sleepy. acutally everything makes me sleepy...
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That kind of like me with reading. I think I sort of conditioned myself to feel sleep when I read because I always read before bed. I have started reading at lunch breaks and in the afternoon too, to try and break myself of that habit.
Maybe you should try to not knit right before bed, like Vertigo1414 suggested? Or knit something more complicated so you can't fall asleep?

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Next time you go to the doctor have your thyroid checked. I thought it was old age (at 40+) and found out that I basically had no thyroid at all. Now my little pink pill and I are the best of friends.
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What time do you knit? IS it near bedtime? if so, then knitting is the perfect pre-sleep timer for you. Maybe start a bit earlier and end a bit earlier than you want to.

Knitting for me is meditative, and I am a meditator as well. So I knit in the mornings, or between meetings, or when having to wait in the car while DH shops or something....or in the bank lineup.

My suggestion is to change your time or change where you knit.....if yoiu knit in public will you get sleepy?

THe other thing is: according to statistics, mose north Americans are sleep-deprived. We busy ourselves so much, have so many choices and distractions. So if knitting is calming you enough to get some precious zzzzz's, count yourself blessed by it!

(the thyroid check never hurts too)
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Turning the Heel
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I have a book that I read before I go to bed every night and I only ever read about 2 lines and im asleep. I think if you only ever knit before bed youll condition yourself to connect knitting with bed.
Your not nuts girl...think Pavlov and it'll all come together.
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