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Mike, I agree with you. I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but this report just set off the bells and whistles for me. Breast cancer is being found in women younger and younger each year. I think a yearly mammogram should be mandatory for all women beginning with their first visit to the GYN when they are teenagers. It should be covered by insurance, too.

No entity can tell people to stop checking their own bodies for strange lumps, bumps and moles. Having said that, I must say that I certainly don't have it written on the calender to do my breast self-exam on the second Tuesday of every month. It's just sort of a natural thing that you do daily when bathing and dressing. And if I feel something odd, you can bet I'm going to the doctor.

I've been getting yearly mammograms since I was 35 (I just turned 40) and my insurance has covered it every time because my mother had breast cancer. Now, the funny thing is, I just told my doctor that my mom had breast cancer and, because of the family history, the insurance covered it. My mom does not go to the same doctor as me and I don't think my doctor actually checked out my "story". Why wouldn't everyone then start having mammograms as soon as possible. Just saying.

This too will blow over. They were just testing the water to see if anyone would even notice the story. We are not sheep and there are just some things that we will not tolerate. Although, I also don't think this was something that was trying to be worked into any health care reform.
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i think i'll keep my private health care.....

they pay 100% of all diagnostic testing and i'm not sure about the coverage for treatment of cancer....

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Originally Posted by catwitch View Post
I am concerned as breast cancer runs in my family. I looked up what the policy is in the UK (I am not sure this is true, as I don't live there or know anyone who does), but just by looking into it on a few websites, I read that their Gov't healthcare system there has guidelines of offering mammograms only to women aged 50-70 and only every 3 years!! I read that they were thinking of extending this to aged 47-73 year olds. Is this what we have to look forward to with Govt healthcare?? There is a diffence between having to pay for it yourself and having it not available at all.
I would like to do some research into what exactly is offered in the UK and Canadian Govt healthcare system in regard to mammograms. Does anyone have knowledge of this?
Talk about feeding my paranoid conspiracy.
I didn't think of checking into other national healthcare policies. That really makes it seem like they were poking around to see what the reactions would be.
They should've known Komen and the Cancer Society wouldn't go along with it.
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There is also information on the computer that the Canadian govt healthcare system has the same age guidlines 50-70, but you are allowed to get a mammogram every 2 years instead of every three in the UK. Does anyone have information on this?
It also said that pap tests are given every 2 years. One of my many questions is after age 70 what do you do? are you considered too old for it to matter if you get breast cancer? Is this what we have to look forward to? I also would like to keep my private insurance. But I think that will be impossible if this new health care idea gets passed
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The sister of one of my husband's friends died from breast cancer while in her 20s.

The government taking over health care really scares me.

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I did some checking today and the place the originally issued this is most definitely government. Their web suffix is a .gov.

Thankfully we're not the nation of sheep they seem to think we are and the cancer orgs came out against this in force.
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Just wanted to share this link about Mammography from Health Canada. If you read the first two sections under the heading "When to Have a Mammogram" you'll see that they recommend that all women between 50 and 69 have a mammogram every two years. It also says that "your doctor will recommend mammograms at intervals based on your particular needs even if you are outside the 50-69 age range."
So it's based an individual patients needs.
Any mammogram you get whether part of the screening programs or doctor requested is paid for by the government.

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This might be TMI, but here it is.

They're also stating that we don't need as many pap smears, or as often. When I was 39, one year to the day after having a pap smear in another state. Brand new doctor (soon became good friend) and the first thing she said was, from under the sheet, "Um, I don't like all these red cells I'm seeing."

Sent off the pap, long story short, a month later, I'm having a hysterectomy for STAGE 4 uterine and cervical cancer. STAGE 4! If I had waited for two years, it would have metasticized further, and my husband widowed, my son growing up without me.

So, we start these tests later on women who cannot afford their own insurance or exams, the result is that the government pays less over the lifetime of the woman for medical treatment. Especially breast cancer, what the hell are they thinking? Even saying we don't need to do our own monthly checks. I personally have three friends who saved their own lives when they found lumps, and then sought care.

If I have to pay for my own yearly testing, I'll do that. We're both on SSDI, but if I have to work part time it'll happen.

We, women and men, have to take charge of our own health and DEMAND that we recieve the care we should. It's mainly for our families, at least to me, I've seen too many grieving families over the years.

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I'm not American, so i don't know what the recommendations were before. I will not start a Government healthcare argument, i know that many Americans think of it as the worst thing ever and feed on false reports about other countries, but that's a separate topic. Here, if a Dr. suspects a lump after examination, he will send you either to mammogram or US to check it. I'm only 28, and i had US's+biopsy, mammogram AND MRI done to rule out breast cancer. All within our Government healthcare, no extra charge. Women over 50 get mammogram every 2 years with NO referral from the Dr. That means if the Dr. thinks you need it even at the age of 18 - you'll get it. As someone who did all these tests - i think that the recommendations are not because of the money issue - all the Dr's i saw said they don't like to do mammogram to younger women because of the radiation and prefer to start with US and they also don't trust self examining, because you can miss something. So I would go and visit my Dr. every 6 months for professional examination rather than try and do it myself.
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I'm in Canada.I go every 2 years for a mammogram through Cancer Care Ontario.I started when I was 50 and they contact me every 2 years,I also get a breast exam and teaching if needed and they encourage monthly self exams.
We have to be vigilant and pro-active about our health and I am, especially in the areas where I have a family history or risk factors(like heart disease for me)but I don't believe we need loads of tests,x-rays,US etc. just because they're available.I have no family history of cancer of any kind and no lifestyle risk factors so my mammogram schedule is right FOR me
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