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So I bought one of those books they sell at the craft stores that help you knit different things. I started making a dish cloth and everything was going well until the 19th row. The 19th row is giving me problems because for some reason it seems as though I dont have enough stiches on my needle to do everything they are asking in the pattern but the 18 rows before that worked out perfect.

Anyway here is the pattern. Any help is much appreciated.

C/O 37 sts
First 6 rows: knit across

Row7: K5, K2 tog, * YO, K10,K2 tog: Repeat from * once more then YO,K6

Row 8: and all even rows knit across

Row 9:K4,K2 tog,YO,K1,YO,SSK,(K7,K2tog,YO,K1,YO,SSK)twice,K4

Row 11:K3,K2tog,YO,K3,YO,SSK,(K5,K2tog,YO,K3,YO,SSK)tw ice, K3

Row 13:K2,K2tog,YO,K5,YO,SSK(K3,K2tog,YO,K5,YO,SSK)Twi ce,k2

Row 15:K1,(K2tog,YO,K7,YO,SSK,K1)across

Row 17:K1, *K2tog,YO,K2,K2tog,YO,K3,YO,SSK,K1; repeat from * across

Row 19:K3,YO,Slip1,K2 tog,PSSO,YO,K1,YO,slip1,K2tog,PSSO, * YO,K5,Yo,slip1,K2tog,PSSO,YO,K1,YO,slip1,K2tog,PSS O; repeat from * once more, YO,K3

Row 20-24: knit across

Row 25: K5,K2tog,Yo,K22,K2tog,YO,K6

Row 27:K4,K2tog,YO,K1,YO,SSK,K19,K2tog,YO,K1,YO,SSK,K4

Row 29:K3,K2tog,YO,K3,YO,SSK,K17,K2tog,YO,K3,YO,SSK,K3

Row 31:K2,K2tog,Yo,K5,YO,SSK,K15,K2tog,YO,K5,YO,SSK,K2

Row 33:K1,K2tog,YO,K7,YO,SSK,K13,K2tog,YO,K7,YO,SSK,K1

Row 35:K1, +K2tog,YO,K2,K2tog,YO,K3,YO,SSK+,K13 repeat from + to +once,K1

Row 37:K3,(+ I used a + but the picture in the book looks more like a cross) soo K3, + YO, slip1,K2tog,PSSO,YO,K1,YO,slip1,K2tog,PSSO +,YO,K17,repeat from + to + once,YO,K3.

Row 38-42:knit across

Row 43: k5,k2tog,(YO,K10,K2tog)twice,YO,K6

Row 44-55:repeat rows 8-19

Row 56-61: knit across
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Row 19:K3,YO,Slip1,K2 tog,PSSO,YO,K1,YO,slip1,K2tog,PSSO, * YO,K5,Yo,slip1,K2tog,PSSO,YO,K1,YO,slip1,K2tog,PSS O; repeat from * once more, YO,K3

You do have enough. Trust the

Slip1,K2 tog,PSSO= 3 stitches used.

I would like to see a pic of this when your finished. It sounds cool.

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Just a little more clarification. . .
When you do the YO, Slip 1, K 2 tog, PSSO, YO, here's what's happening: You make a yarn over, creating 1 stitch. Then you Slip 1 stitch, K2 tog. You've not lost 1 stitch, from the K 2 tog. We're going to call the 1 stitch you have from the K2 tog, "A". Now, the PSSO means that you take the slipped stitch and pull it over "A". You've lost 1 more stitch. In other words, when you do the Slip 1, K2 tog, PSSO, you lose a total of 2 stitches. Now you do another YO, creating another stitch. So you lose 2 stitches from the Slip 1, K2 tog, PSSO, and you gain 2 from doing the YOs on either side of that. Gain 2, lose 2, and you have the exact same stitch count.
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Please edit your post to remove all but the couple rows you're having trouble with.

If you're 'running out' of stitches on a row that has a YO, you may be doing it wrong. YO doesn't use a stitch, it's just a wrap around the needle between sts to add a new one. Or you may be doing the sl1, k2tog, psso wrong - that's a double decrease where you lose 2 sts. However your incs and decs balance out so the stitch number stays the same.
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