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Turning the Heel
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Our black cat does love to jump up near my yarn and bat at it when she bothers to notice it. When I try to push her away she looks at me like I'm nuts for doing so. I will usually take a piece of waste yarn and play with her until she gets bored.
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Ribbing the Cuff
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Somehow I knew...
that posting about cats would get more attention than my other posts here on KH. LOL
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Casting On
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Kitty Kontrol

I have 3 cats, Sexy, BJ, and Squeeker. Squeeker will sit on the arm of my chair and Sexy has to sit on my chest and BJ couldn't care less. I keep a spray bottle of water and use when necessary even from across the room especially when I have to put my work down. Works like a charm they like to play with the needles.

Tskitten (Sheila)
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My cats will sometimes play with my yarn (and once one of them chewed all the way through it), but in general, they are happy being next to me. At once point, I did set up a special kitty chair right next to me so that I could have a free lap. That helped a bit.
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Working the Gusset
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Originally Posted by igklico View Post
Every time I sit down to knit and I get to a critical point in the fabric, my little hairball decides it's time for a warm lap to sit in. Anybody know of a method of deterrent? lol

Easiest solution, sell the cat to a good home. Problem solved.

Now, can you help me teach my half-Rottie that he isn't a 96 pound lap dog?
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Make sure that when they sit down, the yarn is laying across your lap. Then when you pull more yarn through, it tickles their belly and they tend to get off.
Dont try it with 100% wool or a heavy cat, it'll just snap

Last night I ended up with one on lap, meaning I was knitting in my face, and another one behind my head on the back of the couch growling because he wanted the lap.
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Turning the Heel
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Enjoy them while you have them! As annoying as it can be to have the King (or Queen) of the House flop on your knitting at a critical point, remember that they ARE royalty and what they say goes!!! :o)

Long years from now you'll still get a smile from their antics!

Some time ago i had an elderly Lhasa Apso (Miss Buffy) and a not-so-elderly cat, Jake. Miss Buffy was mostly blind and one day she bumped into Jake and startled him into swiping at her. Needless to say I read him the riot act and really chastised him about swiping at our Miss Buffy.

A couple of days later, Jake was up in the extra chair I kept in my office and Miss Buffy was on the floor wandering around the chair. As she groped her way past him, he looked pointedly at me, reached down and very gently went pat,pat,pat on Miss Buffy's head.

Of course Miss Buffy had no idea what had touched her and took off ricochetting around the chair looking for her "attacker". barking as if to say "Which way did he go...lemme at 'im!". Jake just sat loftily and inscrutably in the chair and watched the antics. And as soon as Miss Buffy settled down he reached right down and did his pat, pat, pat number again.

After that it became their special game. Whenever she'd walk past the chair he'd pat her head, always gently and always three times. They were inseparable buddies from then on, eating together and sleeping together and being wonderful companions to me.

So maybe you'll sacrifice a bit of knitting time but it will probably be worth it!!!

Happy knitting,

In progress - designing, knitting and writing a knitting book, "Design Your Own Gourmet Kitchen Cloths and Accessories".
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