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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I love my iPod Touch so the large iPad is a natural progression/interest for me, too. We'll have to see how it all pans out in a few years.
Yes, I agree! Perhaps the iPad will "push" others to integrate more features. However, there are carrots, there are peas. The iPad is in another class from stand-alone devices such as the Kindle or Nook.

I'm very excited to see what 2010-2012 brings us!
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Jan in CA
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Heads up.. I have an online subscription and Consumer Reports ratings for e-books just came out.

Of the 6-7" category Kindle is the the top one, Nook is 4th after two versions of Sony. Interesting.

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I bought the nook before all the upgrades you mentioned came about. Originally you could share books but there was no web, games and more. You can now read ebooks in the store as part of their upgrade. I love my nook!!!
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Art Lady, It's so apropos that these new gadgets are debuting in the early 21st century. It's still true, the more things change the more they stay the same. I remember when railway co.s in the early 19th century including the Transcontinental railroad was put on line. From Pennsylvania to Utah was one honkin', long, expensive trip Each rail co. made their tracks in a different gauge (does this mean I'm not off topic?) so when you got to the end of one line you had to switch to the next train's gauge and buy another ticket. So what's different with pads, pods, kindles and nooks? The sharing and caring may come but for now it's every billionaire for him/herself This is called the spirit of entrepreneurship which is a quaint euphemism for - "I'm getting mine before somebody does it better and I'm out of the market!!"
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The e-reader technology is still rather new, so there are no standards, except for the Kindle and Nook, which are proprietary. However, you can convert e-books and send them to your reader.

When the best mouse-trap is made then there will come a standard (think DVD and Blu-Ray). In this case, porn and gamers will not decide the format. Book readers will decide which format will eventually take over the e-reader business. I'm OK with that and I'm patient.
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While the Kindle standard is proprietary, the Nook and Sony software is not. Both use Adobe epub, although each one has their own DRM attached. If the DRM is removed, then the book can be read on any epub-capable device.

(Kindle books would not only need the DRM removed, but the books would also have to be converted to another format in order to be read on other devices.)

That seems to be the current direction that ebook publishers are moving -- Sony's BBeB format is no longer available in their store and B&N's eReader format is being gradually replaced by epub.

Books that are non-DRM'd epub formatted can be read on the Sony, Nook, and iPad, as well as other readers currently on the market. (Fictionwise, owned by B&N, is one of my sources for books to read on my Sony since their books do not have DRM.)
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Originally Posted by jess_hawk View Post
How do you reformat to something so it can be read on a Kindle or nook? I don't have a big eBook library at the moment (thankfully) but they're on Adobe Digital Editions. I'm thinking about asking for either a nook or a kindle (I read too fast to reasonably carry the number of books that I can read on the average long-distance trip... so while I like my books in hard copy, I'm being sucked towards eBook readers...), but I wish I could put my current eBooks on whichever I get.

Or, I could go with a Sony reader, and then I can't buy ebooks from Amazon or B&N, which is 90% of my book purchases.
If it is does not have DRM, you can use a program called Calibre to convert it to whatever format you need. If your books work in ADE, they probably will already work in any of the readers that you listed.
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Waiting for an iPed
Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I love my iPod Touch so the large iPad is a natural progression/interest for me, too. We'll have to see how it all pans out in a few years.

iPed with that latin root ped (like that in pedestrian) it will be a heads up display (HUD) attachment for your eye glasses thus enabling you to walk and read books at the same time.

You can even read a different book than the one you are holding open in class.
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Too funny, Jack. Guess I'm just a Luddite, like the feel of a paper book, which also guilts me thinking of all the trees...thank God for public libraries, is all i can say. linknit1
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