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I'm lucky enough to work in a "creative" environment where my tattoos and piercings have never been an issue. I do try to cover them up when possible, just because I'm a paranoid baby and don't want conflict... even though it's never happened!

I teach small children (and older ones too) and I've often been worried in interviews that my neck and wrist tattoos might cost me a job. I've never not gotten a job I've interviewed for and it's probably just because I have an amazing resume and references.

I've never been asked about my piercings, but I do get the occasional questions about my tattoos. The visible ones are a neck tattoo that means dance, and a red star on the underside of my wrist. I put the star there after many years of teaching ballet and explaining to students the focus on écarté should be the inside of your wrist... now I can just show them the star and they instantly get it.

All of my tattoos have meaning, my piercings... not so much ;o)

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I don't understand your quandary. If someone of any age asks a question it's usually because they want to know or understand something. If an old lady asked you, "Why in hell would you do such a stupid thing as put a bar in your ear?" - I could understand your being nonplussed, however, if she simply asked if there were a significance to the adornment what's your gripe? Next time have some fun with it (much better than being aggravated) tell the person who asks, "Well, ya see, my ear got bit off by a madman and the only way the docs could reattach it was with that simple metal bar. Adding, I can pull out the bar and show you how it'll flop down to my shoulder! :<) I'd love to know what reaction you get.
You think this behavior is new and individualistic? The human species is the only one which decorates their bodies. It's been so since early man inhabited this earth. I wish I could cite a good book about it but, I can't. If interested I'm sure anyone can find plenty of info online or at the library. So, those who chose to get away from very early influences were not trying to "fit in". Quite the opposite. However, man's need to adorn himself and make a personal statement will always win out (note the cosmetic industry, plastic surgery along with tattoo/piercing). It's all the same. That's just the way we are. When you speak to the younger generation being individuals I can't help but smile. When people young or old become individual thinkers there won't be fashion, style, marketing trends or any of that great stuff that makes the world's economy turn and young guy's pants hang down below their Fruit of the Looms. I'm an old lady, but I talk to young people and I don't care if they cover themselves in tats and piercings. (Are you also aware that some piercings are for stimulation not decoration?) How people relate to me is what's important.
I've never had my ears pierced. When our daughters wanted pierced ears, they were given an age when we'd allow it. They argued and talked and pleaded till my husband said, "O.K. Let's go get your ears pierced and your lips too, so I can put a lock on them!" They got ears pierced when we allowed it. I'm not into most kinds of mutilation, including circumcision of males and in some cultures females. With any of these things, regardless of the reasons now given, I can't help wondering, why was it done the first time?
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I teach high school and my kids are always shocked when they realize that I have a tattoo on my wrist. The funny thing is that i do not wear a watch but it generally takes about 2-3 months for them to realize its there and then they FREAK.
Around here it is COMMON for the teenages (around 13 actually) to get tattos. I can't believe that their parents let them at age 13 get a tattoo. I got mine after I turned 21 and my parents couldn't fuss LOL. So they freak and mine on my wrist out and then find out about the one on my back (pre tramp stamp labeling) and they go into PANIC mode. They do the same thing w/ the idea that I have a bf. They want to set me u[ w/ pp and then when I tell them I'm dating they start catcalling and crap... children!

Oh and NOT TELLING them what the wrist tattoo drives them NUTS... it does give me a chance to laugh at them....hehe
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I'm 62 and have seen a lot of different new ways of decorating a body over the years.
When I see tatoos or piercings, the first thing that comes to mind is: "wow, that person must have a good tolerance for pain. I could never do it"....but I do like how some of them look.

I used to like to wear eyeliner, makes the eyes look more defined, especially as mine are light green, and my hair was always ash blonde (now it's grey) my face looked kind of bland. If I'd had the courage, I think it would have been neat to have permanent black eyeliner tatooed on to the edge of my upper eyelids....but again: prolly couldn't take the pain.

My father, now age 84, still has a tatoo on his arm which he got in WW2 when he was a naval rerserve. It says "Mother", with a rose and a ribbon.

I wouldn't ever ask anyone what it means.....kind of rude, I think.
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I think my grandfather was in the military or ??? not sure exactly, I think that's how he ended up with his tats...sadly, he spent years wearing long-sleeved shirts (even in hot weather) as his tats bothered him
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There's a Tattoo Parlor in Baltimore that has the tag line "Art with a pulse"! It sounds like you're a walking work of art, then!

Thought you'd like to know! :o)

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I don't have any piercings. I figure I have enough holes in my head without deliberately adding more. . .
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The times, they are a changin'!

used to be, multiple piercings/tattoos were considered a counterculture, a slap in the face against "normal" society.

now, they ARE the norm... at least as it has progressed through my family.

My mother had her ears pierced at birth. She's from a Hispanic family, and that is the norm for them.

My mother married a Caucasian man, so we were raised with a choice. I had my ears pierced at the age of 12 simply because every female in my family was pierced. (those Hispanics!)

BUT - by the time I was in high school, people of both genders were getting their ears pierced. The men typically pierced one ear - to indicate a gender preference.
And the women began double/multiple piercing.

I sneaked out to get my second set of ear piercings right before my 18th birthday. I had to lie about my age, by one week, to do so. My mother HIT THE ROOF!

And then, slowly, began to accept it.

My own children were raised with the same gender bias. Girls could get their ears pierced, boys no. No tattoos allowed, etc.

Then, my son came home from the army with a black panther crawling out of a purple mist on his left shoulder.

The middle son gauged his ears and pierced his tongue. He got a scorpion tattoo to commemorate surviving a motorcycle wreak. (yes, he nearly died.) Several years later, he got a tattoo up the side of his ribs, we a motivational saying in Latin.

Then my daughter got a "tramp stamp" (lower back tattoo). She also has MULTIPLE piercings, a helix, navel piercing, etc. She got an ankle tattoo later on.

As you can tell, once the taboo is broken, it's shattered! I no longer feel like my children are being intentionally rebellious when they decorate their bodies. That's just them. Self-expression. And I love them exactly the same.

It's totally changed the way I perceive pierced/tattooed people. I just see them as extraordinarily expressive human beings. And I greet them with a smile.

Maybe, that's exactly how it should be!
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I'm 60 years old now and have had my ears pierced since I was 15. Actually, I have double pierced ears, but I don't have bars or anything in the holes. I just wear two pairs of earrings.
I live in Savannah, Georgia, and there is an art school here, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Not so much now, but when I first moved here 15 years ago, I'd say about 90% of the SCAD students had hair in every color of the rainbow, multiple piercings, and dressed really wild. But, what they didn't seem to realize their effort to "stand out", they all ended up looking the same. Most of the crazy hair and clothes is about gone now, but I kinda enjoyed seeing them every day all punked out and looking goofy. I really thought it looked fine. I did enough crazy stuff when I was younger so I would probably look exactly like the SCAD students if I were a teenager now. I grew up in the hippie era, so that's what I went with. But, I was a responsible hippie...had a good job and a small child, so I could only express myself after work and on weekends Gosh, sometimes it seems like only yesterday. Time sure flies.
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I think that tattoos have meaning to people, most often. Something that they relate to, since it's for a lifetime.
Piercings can be taken out. I guess they have less of a meaning.
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