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Knitting the Flap
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Me + math = fail!
So I bought the pattern and yarn for a sweater I've been wanting to make. It's the first pattern I've ever paid for (I'm a cheap-o... actually partner is a cheap-o... so there ya go).

This is also the first time I've done a serious gauge swatch... if I'm gonna knit THAT much yarn, it better fit! My problem is that I'm terrible at math... pattern calls for 20sts over 4 inches. My mind didn't really think to divide 20 by 4, and in skimming over I was thinking I needed 4 stitches to the inch.

Swatched on 7s... no good. Swatched on 8s - perfect!

So I knitted the ribbing all the while thinking "this fabric just seems so holey" (worsted weight yarn btw). Got to the body, trucking along... added second skein... still seemed so loose and holey. knitted about 8 inches from my cast-on edge, still going lightning fast!!!

Took it to my LYS to knit with a friend today... in passing I asked the resident sweater guru if she thought the fabric looked really loose, she agreed, grabbed the pattern and a ruler and pointed out I needed to be getting 5 sts to the inch *sigh*

So I frogged it all and swatched again... I should be using either a 5 or a 6 and knitting a size smaller to actually get guage. I knew I wasn't a tight knitter, but apparently I'm super loose :/

So that's my big fail story... off to crochet something easy until I have the patience to look at that yarn again...

EvanP on Ravelry (Hey that's rhymes!)
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Working the Gusset
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aw!! my sympathies!

I totally appreciate and understand exactly what you're saying. I have a tendency to design as I go along. I often restart the same project 4 or 5 times before I get it right. Sometimes, it is truly frustrating.

Don't give up!
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I have done that so many times! I feel your pain!!! Luckily I usually knit things for my kids, and the biggest is 3 yrs, so it's not much knitting no matter what. But, it's completely depressing when you finish and realize that your gauge was off (and you would have known if you would have bothered to measure) and now the 3 yr old sweater will have to be saved until he's 5.
I just laugh and move on, my son will have some amazing sweaters when he gets a little older! And me, well, i have learned my lesson.

Good luck on your sweater!!!!
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Ribbing the Cuff
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ack...that must be super frustrating! I'm still fairly new at knitting and I haven't yet taken the time to work on getting my gauge right...Thus far the things I've made haven't been too complicated and the gauge hasen'tt mattered quite as much but I have started work on my first sweater, and instead of trying to match the gauge correctly, I've just modified the pattern to fit what I want...I guess I've just been too lazy to work on it but as I've found working on this sweater, I don't think I've really saved any time at all and it seems to be even more difficult trying to change the pattern than just sitting down and working out a quick gauge swatch...I'll finish the sweater (I've already got too much time invested in it not to), but I know in the future that I'll make sure to have the gauge right before starting on another big project...
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Turning the Heel
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That's why I have never done gauge swatching. It's just too much for my brain, to calculate this and that and knit in between.... (maths is not my forte, even though I'm not bad when it comes to higher maths. simple things is killing me)

And woohoo, you're a loose knitter. I'm very loose as well.
The ways of Yarn are inscrutable.

I'm NOT a "miss", I'm a lady!
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Lisa R.
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now the 3 yr old sweater will have to be saved until he's 5.
Better than that it is already too small!!!
Lisa R.

I'm Knittermom9 on Ravelry
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Originally Posted by Lisa R. View Post
Better than that it is already too small!!!
That would make me so sad!!!!
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Working the Gusset
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Me + Math = Uber Fail.
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