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Originally Posted by Braden View Post
YOTS is drawing to a close isn't it? Will there be a Year Of The Stash 2008?
Yes, Braden, I definitely think we will start a fresh new thread called the Year of the Stash 2008. Matter of fact, now that you mention it, perhaps we (I?) should get folks thinking about it RIGHT preparation for it! That will give folks a few weeks head-start to organize all that wonderful yarn that is languishing in YARN JAIL!

By starting a fresh new thread, folks can read the posts from the get-go...not 125 pages of 2007 posts ! A little overwhelming, eh?

I have certainly enjoyed the support from other knitters who also feel overwhelmed by the size of their Yarn Stash! I have done well at reducing the size of the Stash I had on hand in January 2007.
I have used my REWARDS yarn many times...but that's ok! Ya can't completely avoid a yarn purchases altogether! It wouldn't be natural!

I may have time tonight to get that thread rollin'!

Thanks for the idea and input!
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