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Here is Mine,like every one else I haven't had a penpal since 5th grade. So I am going to really like to have one. By the way they now have a forever stamps. You buy them and if the stamps go up you still use the ones you bought. So here goes.

Thank you everyone, I have two wonderful penpals right now. For me that is enough for me to handle right now. Happy writing everyone

KH Name:gingerbread
Are you willing to send internationally?:yes
Your age range: (20's, 30's, 90's):50's
Do you care what age range your pen pal is?no
Years knitting:2
Do you care what gender your pen pal is? no
Pets?: 1 a dachshund
Allergy concerns: nope_________________
Happy Knitting


I am memere on Ravelry

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