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Originally Posted by lactosefree View Post
I wasn't sure how much the yarn would 'grow' in the ribbing since I only swatched on the larger needles, so I knit 3.5" instead of 4".

Then for the back itself I figured I would need around 11" or so after blocking to get the 14.5" total if the ribbing didn't stretch so I calculated that I would need to knit 66 rows since the gauge is 24 rows to 4". I suppose I could have knit to the back a little shorter since I'm thinking the 3.5" ribbing will stretch a bit, but I figured better safe to go longer than shorter.

I'm going to start on the armholes later this evening.
Good work Susan!

Did you make note of how many ribbing rows you worked to reach your 3.5"? If not, do so. This will help you perfectly duplicate your ribbing to match the FRONTS.

I would simply measure the entire length, ribbing and reach your prescribed 14.5". It will be good however, to make notes about how many repeats and rows you knit for the body (beyond the ribbing) to reach your 14.5" that you can perfectly duplicate that length for the FRONTS.
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