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Here are photos of my SLEEVES notebook.
Two facing pages: one has the general instructions,
the other shows my 'increases' plan/diagram

This inc rows diagrams sets forth EXACTLY on which rows I will be doing an increase at each end. Instructions: "inc 1 ea end every 8th row, 10 x's" for my size. I incorporate those increases into the Repeats&Rows because I don't keep track of just rows...but the repeats as well. It is good to place a stitch marker at each end of the rows after you have 1 increase row done. The marker will alert you if you have missed an increase. The most common sleeve increase to miss is the last one on the row. The markers should always have the same number of stitches on the outside of them. If they don't, you can bet you missed increasing at the end of an inc row! Just always check, check, check. The number of increases on each side of the marker should also coincide with the number of circles on your diagram that you have put a mark / through! I mark the green circles off with a / when the increase row is complete.

This photo demonstrates why it is important to set up your K2P2 ribbing correctly. After the cuff has reached 5", you will be instructed to begin the CHART B cable, placed in the middle of the row. CHART B must begin and end with P2. This works IF your ribbing was set up correctly, as K2-P2 and ending with K2 at the other end.

In this photo, I placed my stitch markers early on, to be certain that my ribbing was going to 'sync' with the CHART B cable placement when the ribbing was 5" and ending.

This is a photo of a few rows of the cuffs. Begin your cuffs with K2 (not P2)...and that is the RIGHT SIDE. The row also ends with a K2. I personally prefer to work the 1st and last stitch of every row as an "edge stitch". It promotes easier seaming later on.
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