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Knitting on a Blanket That Has Already Been Started
If you are one of the knitters that knits the body of the baby blanket, here are your guidelines:

(Here are some recommended yarns for our blankets)

When you receive the blanket, read the memo that should be enclosed with the blanket. It should tell you how many stitches have been cast on the blanket.

Now, take a look at what the knitter before you did. Count the stitches on the needle, and make sure it's the same as what the memo says.

If the number of stitches is not correct, just do a simple increase or decrease in the center of the next row to make it right. (If you don't know how to do an increase or decrease, just ask us here in the forum.)

BUT, before you stitch anything, make sure that the knitter before you ended on a WRONG SIDE ROW. This way, you'll be adding your yarn on a right side row, and the color change will look nice.

If the knitter before you ended on a right side row, just unravel that row of stitches, and put the stitches back on a smaller needle, then start knitting with the correct size needles, adding your new yarn on the right side.

Now comes the fun part. The stitch design!
(Here are some recommended stitches for our blanket.)

Knit the design of your choice for 4 inches, remembering to knit the first 3 and last 3 stitches of every row. (If you are a beginning knitter, please feel free to knit every stitch on every row. This garter stitch section makes a nice contrast to the more complicated designs.)

When your 4 inches is complete, do 1 row of all knit stitches on the WRONG SIDE of the blanket. This will make it easy for the next knitter to add their new yarn, and create a pretty color change.

Now, sign the greeting card, and list the state you live in, and put the blanket, memo, and greeting card back in the ziplock bag.

Contact your region leader to let them know you have finished your section, and they will check with the next knitter to see if they are ready to work on it next.

When the next knitter is ready, package everything together securely, and send it off. Be sure to get DELIVERY CONFIRMATION when sending the package, so we can track it online. We don't want to lose our precious knitting!

You're done!

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