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Hi'ya Anne!

I am the Artlady...and I live in the Puget Sound Kent, Wa.

Anyhoo...hello! hello!

1) What is your favorite yarn?
2) What is your favorite thing to knit?
3) Who is your favorite designer?
4) Which knitting magazine is your favorite?
5) Are you a Raveler yet?
If not, are you on the waiting list?
If not, what are you waiting for?
6) How many years have you been knitting?
7) Do you crochet as well?
8) Do you live in the Puget Sound area? East of the mts? The Coast? Southern?
9) What are your prime knitting hours?
10) What is your favorite knitting 'how to/help" book?

Here are my own answers to my questions (I guess if I expect you to share...I should share first!)
1) Malabrigo (undyed & natural cream)
2) Cardigans

3) Elsebeth Lavold
4) Vogue
5) YES!
6) 37
7) yes, but don't crochet anymore (except to 'trim' knitted things)
8) Puget Sound area (Kent)
9) 9 pm til 3 am
10) Finishing Techniques by Nancy Wiseman
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I'm Artlady at:
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