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Originally Posted by Raeknitsnwa View Post
Hi Anne

I am Rae I think we talked a little in Knitting Help chat last night

1) What is your favorite yarn?-Don't have a favorite yet but I do love Malabrigo(finally got my hands on some for the 1st time ever)

2) What is your favorite thing to knit? At the moment its dishclothes

3) Who is your favorite designer? Don't Have one yet

4) Which knitting magazine is your favorite? I like Knit N Style

5) Are you a Raveler yet?-Yes & I love it I am Raeknitsnwa if you are on there add me
If not, are you on the waiting list?
If not, what are you waiting for?

6) How many years have you been knitting? A little over a yr I have much to learn lol

7) Do you crochet as well? No but I thought about learning

8) Do you live in the Puget Sound area? East of the mts? The Coast? Southern? I am in Auburn, Wa

9) What are your prime knitting hours? it varies usually during the day

10) What is your favorite knitting 'how to/help" book? Don't have one but I am taking suggestions lol
Nice to meet you both! I live in University Place which is essentially West Tacoma.

In response to your questions:

1. Don't have a favorite yarn yet. I've only been buying what I think is pretty and easy to use so far.

2. My favorite thing to knit so far is scarves, though I'm now knitting my first baby blanket.

3.4. Don't have a favorite designer or magazine so far.

5. Not a raveler

6. I've only been knitting for 5 months.

7. I can crochet single and double chains. That's all.

8. Live near Tacoma

9. Knitting hours vary. Usually lunchtime while watching tv (I work from home) or evenings

10. Favorite knitting book so far is Knitting Pretty.

That's it for now. Thanks for asking!
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