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Originally Posted by KnittyBug View Post
Hello Everyone!

I'm in Washington! (Covington to be exact) I JUST joined! I'm a new knitter and have only been able to take one class so far. Due to a surgery, I wasn't even able to complete it. I'm struggling a bit on the project, but now that I'm on medical leave from work, I'm going to finish it. If my daughter's head suddenly becomes lopsided, I'm sure she will one day appreciate the hat! :-)

Other than that, I have really only made some scarves. My ultimate goal is to be able to make socks for everyone in my family and a sweater for my fiance. I know that is a long way off, but I'm determined.

Since I'm pretty much homebound at the moment, I'm really happy to have found this site!
Hi'ya Neighbor!

I live in Kent, not far from you! When summer simmers down...maybe we can meet at the Open Knitters Night at Renaissance Yarn shop in downtown Kent, located on E. Meeker St.

Every Friday evening (except the 3rd Friday is devoted to Charity Knitting Group) all knitters are welcome to come down at 5 pm and sit 'n' knit with whomever shows up! Renaissance has a nice living room/sitting area for us!

Let me know! I'd love to meet a new knitting buddy!
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