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Originally Posted by Wyospinner View Post
I am excited to work on oddball baby blankets. Thank you for your answer. I am not alergic to anything so put me where I am needed.

If it is okay with you my sister will just piggyback to me. She doesn't have a personal computer so it would just be easier for her to be connected with me. If you prefer her to be signed up in KnittingHelp I could do that from my computer. It is just whatever would work best for you. She is excited also to join in the fun.

Thanks again for the message. Bye for now - Kay
Piggy-backing is fine, as long as I know when she has it. If you could PM me her mailing information, that would be helpful...just so I can keep up with the location of each blanket's temporary "home."

Glad you both are joining us!
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