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Originally Posted by MAmaDawn View Post

When you said talk about some we would like to do more than others, did you mean what types of blankets?
All I was saying is this... we have made a really big list to start off with... and I just thought that there may be a couple that is "more important" to us than others. So we may want to start those first. I hope that makes sense now.

Originally Posted by HollyP View Post
I love the idea of the "chocolates" with the other colors. It's such a huge trend in home decorating now. They will look so chic!

I would like to start the ocean waves, feather and fan blankie- it needs a name. I was thinking something with Atlantic to represent our ocean. I'm drawing a blank.

If anyone needs a needle PM me! I have three available right now.

I also love the chocolate idea. Chocolate always make me feel better!! This is just an idea for the ocean blanket... I think maybe something as simple as "Atlantic Waves" might be nice. It is simple and to the point!! It would be nice if I could get a needle from you, HollyP. Since I am still sort of new... I haven't built up my stash of needles yet. And I hate to go buy one when we already have some. But I can... it's no big deal.

I also wanted to clarify something... are we only doing baby blankets and NOT preemie, or are we doing preemie also?

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