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MamaDawn... I think I would like to start the M&M's blanket. (If that it ok with HollyP?) We both thought of it, but she posted it first. So if it is a problem, I can start a different one.

Here are the colors for M&M's:

I think this would be a good order for the colors since Red and Brown are darker colors, I think it will help to anchor the blanket. Then you have a lighter color beside those (yellow and orange) and then you have the other 2 darker colors in the middle (blue and green). You can see the colors in this order on the M&M website. I thought it was a good combo.

I am currently working on a preemie blanket (Salt Water Taffy) and I am expecting a baby blanket (Sugar and Spice) within the next week or so. I will need to get those finished up before I start on this one for August.

Just let me know if this is alright with everyone. Thanks so much.

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