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[quote=momwolf;1131291]1-NEVER be any where near Limey when she is knitting with DPNs

Cheeky Hound!!!, Momwolf

You keep your knitting tackle in a fishing basket? - what did ya catch? Moby Dick?

I've seen trawlers with fishing baskets smaller than yours!!! - in fact, I think the entire UK fishing fleet would have trouble finding enough space to stash your stash!

I think this is a brilliant thread and everyone's coming up with some great ideas.

I should get something decent to house my projects, Hilary, keep on using carrier bags, which is ok for small stuff but anything knitted for an adult keeps spilling out.

I find it handy too, to have a crochet hook at the ready and where I can, have a duplicate set of needles to the ones I'm using, for when my hands get clammy in warm weather (fat chance!) - I just keep the duplicate set in the fridge, so that they're lovely and cool.
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