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Hello ArtLady:
It's great being a Grammi, anyway that's normally how I spell it with 2 M's.
I hope that you enjoy our area when you visit. I don't get uptown much any more since everything was moved to the mall's.
Thank you for the hearty "great knitter" reference I liked that. I think that anyone that can knit sweater's are fabulous.....I have a s-i-l that knit's sweater' fact she finished my last one that I gave up on half way through. I say cudo's to the lady as it was beautiful.
Ummmmm, well don't laugh as I am right this moment, but I am self taught in making socks and was half way thru my first pair when I discouvered that I make them inside out. It work's. There are a lot of good tutorials on the net and great books. Now if I can just figure out how to make them two at a time would be wonderful. Again thank you for the compliment.
The hardest part is keeping the yarn on the 1st needle until a person is ready to move the required amounts to the other 2 needles. That's where point protectors come in handy.
I've never tried entrlac......what is it and what does it do for a person?
Try socks much easier on a person.
I do have one question. How does a person get the lil smilies on a page?
Anyway thank you again for the very warm welcome.
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