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Hi Grarmi!

When you are typing a message...there is a smiley face icon up there inbetween the A and the paperclip. Just click the down-arrow by the smiley face, and different smileys will appear. Click the one you like and it will insert itself in the place your cursor was last blinking. You know, the blinking line that designates where your next letter will type into.

Then also, see the little smiley star over to the right of the GOOGLE G in a box? If you click the little smiley star, I think that will help you select your favorite 24 smileys...the ones you think you'd be most likely to use. After you've appointed favorite smilies, (up to 24 I think, but you don't have to pick that many)...I think they will appear to the right of your writing box. Mine are.
I have 24 sitting there. If you change your mind about a favorite smiley, you can edit your favorites by clicking the smiley star again. If you put your cursor over him, a pop out box will say EDIT FAVORITE SMILIES.

I also knit in the round inside out. I didn't realize it until I was hosting a knitalong here at KH. A simple garment called the Tempting II Summer Top. Anyhoo, I had taken some photos of how to add the 'in the round' sleeves to the 'in the round' bodice...and some of the knitters were going HUH?

It was brought to my attention that the rest of the world knits with the RIGHT SIDE on the outside of the tube (garment)...but I knit with the RIGHT SIDE on the inside. Then I just turn it inside out when I'm done! I still prefer my way. I like the needles to be furthest away from me, and I like viewing the RIGHT SIDE on the inside. I dunno why! I thought of this story when you mentioned your socks! Hey, whatever works!

Here is a link for that knitalong for the summertop. You might find the Tempting II or the Tempting I summertops to be very easy and fun to knit! I made both. Tempting II for me, and Tempting I for my daughter.


Both tops are FREE PATTERNS at
I have included a link for the pattern in the thread.

(BTW: if you are perplexed with all of our shorthand talk (such as "BTW", or our knitter-talk, such as "thread"....don't be shy to ask me what a term, or abbreviation, means. There is a shorthand dictionary that Amy has provided too, here at KH. When I first joined KH, I was completely baffled by all the abbreviations and knitter-talk. So please ask about anything you are about!)

On the GENERAL KNITTING front page, the abbreviations are a STICKY a the top of all the general threads in GENERAL KNITTING. It is called COMMON ABBREVIATIONS on this Forum!
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