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Decreasing sts in a lacy pattern
Hello! This is my first post so am very grateful for any help!!
I am working on a piece for my daughter and the main pattern is made up of:
Row 1: (RS)K2, *P1, yon, K2togtbl, P1, K2, rep from* to end
Row 2: P2, *K1, P2, rep from * to end
Row 3: K2, *P1, K2tog, yrn, P1, K2, rep from * to end
Row 4: As row 2

It's all going well (so far!) but I am trying to make a chart to keep the pattern correct when shaping. I need to decrease 1 st at each end of 17th and every foll 14th row. I'm thinking that for the first few sts once I start decreasing where the pattern states yrn or to, I should just do stocking stitch to make sure I don't alter the placement of the holes further along the row?
Hope that isn't too garbled! Any advice GREATLY appreciated!
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