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mitered square cardigan help
I am starting a mitered square cardigan in the book Skein For Skein
by Cheryl Potter. Anyway this is the mitered square instructions:
,Basic square for the body:
With first yarn, cast on 87 stitches. this includes i st at sides for selvages. Purl one row,(WS) this is not part of the square pattern.Row 1 (RS)sl1kw-K2tog-psso. Row 2 Purl.Row 3 K41 sl 1 kwK2tog-psso, knit to end.

Work in est pattern,decrease 2 st EOR until 21 remain.End with Row 2 Now dec every row working de on right side as above wrong side as follows sl3 st kw one st at a time to RH needle,sl3 sts back to LH needle and P3 tog tbl until 3 st remain. I understand the directions but I am still windng up with the same amount of stitches. Am I doing this wrong? Should I be doing a right and a left dec stitch on each side of the mitered center? Also my edges are wavy.
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