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Originally Posted by laikabear View Post
I agree with Ginny, that looks like intarsia. So what are your FI projects OTN, Ginny?

Maybe I should have opened up the KAL to intarsia, it seems no one wants to join me except Jan.

Regardless, I'm trucking along on the 2 projects I need to finish up before starting my sweater, and I ordered the Lusekofte kit. Doesn't anyone else want to make that sweater? It totally caught my eye when I opened the catalog.

Cmon KHers!!!
I have a thistle vest (about 70% done), a baby sweater (completed but waiting for the steeks to be cut and assembled) and an Elizabeth Zimmerman Norwegian sweater about half done. You can see them on my Ravelry page.

I LOVE the Lusekofte sweater and actually considered ordering the kit but I have SO MANY other things waiting to be done.
GinnyG on Ravelry, I'd LOVE to be in your "friends"
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