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Jan, thanks for the link. I was on that very page at work and it would not load. Tonight, it started playing just fine! I knit with a color in each hand and I think I could master that technique. I read that if you weave the whole way like that you might end up with a rather stiff fabric. The telemark is already pretty, ahem, sturdy, so I think I'll use that technique for weaving only when the floats are longer. On a fingering (ye gods!) weight sweater I bet it would be nice though.

Sknitter56, congrats on getting your yarn. Are you using Rowan Felted Tweed? I have only done one intarsia project (and thank god it was felted because my tension was all wonky since I was just learning to knit). I did little miniballs. I have started using the plastic thingy from bread bags (I eat a lot of sandwiches) for the tail of my long tail cast on. I bet you could use those for bobbins and they would work well, if you decide to go that way.

I finally dug out my copy of Vogue and I agree your pattern looks like intarsia for most and stranded for the bottom. Eek!

Ingrid - congrats on getting the yarn! I like the idea of the hemmed cuffs, but there is 3.5" turned under. Technically with the floats there will be 3 layers of knitting on those cuffs. They will really look like "bracelets" as they say in the pattern! I'm still chugging away on the stockinette portion of the first sleeve. I didn't like how the increases are right on top of each other (K1L, k to end, K1R) so I did K1L, k to one stitch before end, K1R, k1.
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