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ARGH! I am at the point where I am trying to bind off the underarm stitches and join the sleeves - the shoulder shaping area is worked in the round with 2 steeks holding the sleeves together.

For some reason I always have trouble with bind off X # of stitches instructions... I can never tell just where to put that first bound off stitch. For instance, this one says Work to 5 sts before end of round. BO 11 sts across the last sts of this round and the first sts of the next.

So I worked until I had 5 sts left, then knit st #1, passing it over st #2, and so on. I started counting with st. #1, which means I counted 4 sts before the end of the round (since #5 was still on the needle), and then continued on the other side of the round until I had counted to 11.

When I got to the next round, based on the colorwork pattern, my bindoff was one stitch too late. So when they say work until you have 5 sts left and then bind off 11 sts, do they mean pass stitch 0 over stitch #1? I guess that is what they mean. I ALWAYS have trouble with bindoff instructions and never seem to do them right.

Well, it's kind of a moot point right now, since I messed up the joining and had to rip back. I guess I now get a second chance at starting that bindoff in the right place!
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