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Originally Posted by jess_hawk View Post
...who needs food this week? I need yarn.
*LOL* I love this sentiment! I may have to borrow it...oh wait, I did by placing another order with Knit Picks this week, and the DBF doesn't understand my desire of cute little stitch markers off of Etsy (though the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reminiscent ones he is okay with).

Sad to hear about the socks, Jess, but I hope you can find some yarn to match somewhat (or not match at all, those could be cool socks too!).

The unofficial is certainly a fun way to go! I do enjoy a bit of a challenge to ensure I get a larger project done by a deadline as it just gives that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Nicole - how's the Andrea's Mitts coming along? I'm so curious what others think of the pattern before I dive in myself (which will probably be in March).

As for my Knitting Olympics project, I am about 40% complete with Hemlock Ring Blanket. I ended up making a cute little Excel spreadsheet to figure out how far along I actually was. The blanket is so deceptive! I was cruising the first two days and thought I was going great, but that's cause it was all the inner rows of the blanket (which are short and cute and go quickly), but there is still so many stitches to go as the outermost layer will have 568 stitches for the last 6 rounds plus an interesting bind off row.

It was looking pretty when I started, but now it's kind of a bundle of yarn. Might try to take a picture, but don't think it'll look like much as I'm doing it in black Eco+ (which is like...enormous skeins if you've ever seen one) to match the living room.

Also, the Olympics make for great knitting time!! The DBF and I differ greatly on how the figure skating is judged, but it has been very fun to sit and watch them this time around.
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