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Julie: My love, you do not need to tell the children, at their tender age, that Unc has been in jail. A simple "he's away right now" will do. They are too young to process it, because then they would think of him as "bad" and that is not what he needs right now!

Today I felt better. I got up and went to the pharmacy to buy some SlimFast products. This butt WILL leave me, if I have to starve to do it! Today while I was at the pharmacy I talked to the pharmacist about withdrawal and he said what I am going through is "normal" and to not make any major decisions right now and be patient with myself, and to explain to hubby that he needs to be patient because the long term goal will be worth the short term suffering! Then I went to the hospital to have another x-ray of my knee because Dr. Dummy says he wants to compare it with the last one. At hospital they could not find the break until I mentioned Fibular Head (where the break is), then they found it, I think! I got back and took Boots for a walk around the block and at 11:30 a.m. I am totally bushed. I spent a lot of yesterday crying too, for heaven only knows what reason, but today I don't feel quite so blue. The sun is shining here which helps a lot, and knowing that the pharmacist says this is "normal" behaviour for withdrawal helps a lot too!
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