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Julie - prayers for your family.
Although I agree with Christine that you don't necessarily need to tell your kids that he has been in jail... Kids are pretty smart. My family has always made the effort to distinguish between "bad person" and "made bad choices." A family member who is in jail is more likely in the first column: this person is someone we love, but they are in jail because they've made a bad decision and broke the law, and we hope that they learn from their mistake. The point has always been stressed, also, that loving and supporting the person means that we want them to understand the consequences of their actions, rather than piling sympathy on them.
It can also be a point, for kids of a certain age, to make the point of the greater impact of that kind of decision: It doesn't impact only the person making the decision, it hurts the entire family, friends... and possibly strangers.

Christine - I really hope and pray that all of these symptoms go away soon. Take good care of yourself in the meantime and try to be patient.
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