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Gina: Summer is my time of the year to loose weight. I have to uncover myself more this year in the summer, and show all this overweightedness and so now that it is almost summer I intend to loose these hips and bum. If I could just get down that 20 lbs. I'd be happy. Nothing I own fits me. I've had to resort to stretch pants and long tops. I can't do this Gina, I HAVE to try to loose it, and besides the pain will be less with the weight lower. Thanks for the advice, I do appreciate it!

Yesterday we went to my DD's house to celebrate my granddaughter's 6th birthday. She was so thrilled with her very own Nintendo DS in PINK!!! She is a happy child. LOL I've created a monster I think. The kids were fighting over the DS and the grandson has his own! Finally he settled down and started to show her how to use the toy, instead of them fighting over it. God help their mother, it will be fully charged this morning and movable from the spot she was playing yesterday!

I gained just under a pound at the birthday party yesterday so I have to go for a lovely walk today and try to get rid of this. Tomorrow we start our counselling sessions. We start with financial counselling Monday, we go for couples counselling on Tuesday and then I have trauma and addiction counselling on the 25th. Hopefully this will help us both. The accident and recovery have been an awful strain on both of us. Thankfully his company pays for all of this and so all we have to do is attend!
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