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Originally Posted by wellslipmystitches View Post
I don't know about all of you, but I may have been a real wuss in those days.
Laura came from strong pioneer stock. Not me. We must also consider their food was organic. No hormones or chemicals in their meat. They had that wonderful clean air when she was growing up. They were more physically active than we are. Their lives weren't carefree, but they didn't have the stresses we have with our new, improved modern lives. When I think how the era she grew up in was in so many ways better than ours, I just wish they could have had our health care.

I'm an in-home caregiver for a 94 year old, born & raised in the country. She grew up harder, but still better for it. No wuss in her.

I've read nonfiction books about LIW. Interesting.
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