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My children and I both loved these books. I would read to them everynight for up to a hour before putting them to bed. Even when they were in their teens, they enjoyed having me read to them. I enjoyed doing it. Reading is so improtant. They both grew up loving to read themselves. My oldest granddaughter could read by the age of four and now that she is in the 1st grade she reads at a fourth grade level. Her two year old sister is following her.

No they are not brilliantly smart. They are great examples though of how early, how much, and how well children can learn when parents take the time to teach them.

There has been a lot of mention about Laura and her mother, but what most amazes me is that her blind sister Mary knitted as well. I know the blind can knit, but I have trouble not making and then finding mistakes. Their fingers must be super sensitive to find errrors along the way.
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