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On the compact light bulbs, yes they work great. They use a fraction of the energy the old light bulbs did. I didn't notice any difference in the amount of light. I have a lamp we use every night. I was replacing bulbs every two months. The compact bulb lasted two years. The second one in my lamp is about two years old now and still going strong.

Spraying undiluted white vinegar around doorways and in front of attached garages keeps ants out of the house. I spray once a week and more often when it rains. My son used this successfully at his restaurant, since they can't use chemical sprays around the food. It's great around children and pets.

Lamers Dairy (Dairyland's Best) in our local area offers milk in half gallon glass milk containers like the kind we used to get in the 1950's and 60's. You pay a deposit and bring them back when you're finished.

My sons leave the cars home and drive a motorcycle and moped. They get around 100-150 miles per gallon of gas.
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