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Well I hope you do start an etsy shop. It is allot of fun and allot of people make good money with it. I have only been open for a month and I have made two sales, one was an Old English style dress and the other was for a pair of denim Culottes. I am not sure what sells best, but I know clothing is a big market on etsy, esspecially unique/custom stuff (something they may not find elsewhere). My sister has a quilt on her shop and it has not sold yet (been up there for three months I think), and my other sister has a few bath and body products and she is trying to get into candy too (that is also a big etsy market). She told me when I first got my shop that you can count on most of your sales being between Oct. and Jan. (christmas).

I am trying to add a branch to just clothing by selling quilted wall art. I have one up so far to see how well they might do. I make them from art that a friend of mine does so it is totally one of a kind and unique. I also make pin cushions and all sorts of other trinkets like that, I think it is best to have a theme to your shop and still have a little variety so you strike different crowds.
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