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As someone who both crochets and knits, I am always amazed to find that some people (not so much on this site, though) seem to look down on one or the other. Why not try both?

I do find it interesting that some people still see crochet as only for household items. I realize that's a preference (and, of course, a very valid one), but when I look at patterns, say, in Crochet! Magazine, I do not see dowdy, old-fashioned, unwearable patterns. Many of today's crochet patterns for clothing are quite fashionable and very wearable--particularly since the light-weight clothing uses the finer yarns, making them much less bulky! And there are SO many interesting crochet stitches to use ranging from very lacy to a nice, dense fabric.

I'm always open to learning new skills! After all, what AM I going to do with all this yarn in the closet behind me? So thanks for posting about the different ways you can create stuff!
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